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I write to serve, to unite, to educate. I write to share literature and flesh out ideas that may be of interest to others. I write to document an emotion, experience, or a blip in time. My mission is to write in such a way that the reader is reminded that we can find humor in all situations. It's one of the great blessings of life.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Political Speeches

I love presidential election year. I'm an enthusiastic follower of political issues, and I'm always fascinated by the campaign process. Don't get me wrong, I'm nauseated by the more than 400 million dollars already raised simply for campaign purposes, and I hate the mudslinging. But in the midst of it all, I just love the speeches. I think if I were ever to reroute my career path, I would try to become a political speechwriter. I just love the speeches. Obama's speech was brilliant tonight. (Mind you, I'm not announcing my political affiliation or preference in the polls) Hilary seemed a little pissy, and John Edwards super optimistic (does he know something we don't know?). Anyway, I'm wondering about the whole writer's strike in Hollywood/Broadway. Why doesn't that affect the speechwriters? Aren't they in the same writer's union or are they something different? I tell you what, if we really want to learn about our candidates, let the presidential candidates' speechwriters strike.

I sent my first three chapters to the darling woman who requested them. I hope she LOVES it, but I am realistic enough to enjoy the thrill of being asked. I'm also encouraged that my query letter garnered a positive response. Thanks for all your support out there. You know, you'll be the FIRST to know. I've got four queries out on this manuscript, and I should probably keep sending.

I plan to submit an essay this week for something else (I'll tell you about it if I get it). The perameters are interesting...100 word essay about something I care about. Do you have any idea how few words 100 words are? I've written about 10 of them, and I don't love any of them. I need to work more tomorrow.

So my four-year-old fell down today and hurt his penis. He cried and cried. I tried to comfort him, and he said, "You don't care. You don't even have one." Ouch. Is this where it begins? Am I some kind of sub-human because I don't have a penis. Of course, I didn't address my concern with him, but I want to make sure I'm raising a son who isn't a chauvenist. Maybe i'm overreacting. One time my older son was about four, the same age, and he went to visit my mom. When my mom tried to help him with his seatbelt, he said, "Watch out. I have a big, huge penis." So anyway, maybe it's just a four-year-old boy thing.

We have two extra kids tonight, you know, the Saturday night sleep-over thing, so no one's asleep. I'm going to morph into the bitch mommy soon. I'm pretty laid back about a lot of things, but I must have sleep.

My husband is lying here beside me reading LOOKING FOR ALASKA. I'm sure I mentioned how much I loved it. And he NEVER reads, so this is huge. I finished FEATHERS. I liked it fine, but the Newberry nod surprises me. It did, however, give me hope for my own writing. My daughters are both pacing around these days waiting for two new books to come out. One daughter is dying to read the new Clique book (no comment) and my other daughter is waiting on Lauren Myracle's new book THIRTEEN. They both come out in February, but we advance ordered with Christmas money, so they're convinced the bookstore might 'change its mind'. So every day they look. I personally love that my kids are waiting on books!!! Maybe one day someone will wait on one of mind. (BTW, if you haven't read Myracle's ELEVEN and TWELVE, get them asap, so you'll be ready for THIRTEEN)

I dreamed last night that I woke up, and my family was snowed in at Wal-mart. The dream was strange on so many levels, but anyway in the dream my house was immaculately clean, the laundry was complete, and I had a basket full of books. I just read and read. When I woke up this morning, I almost cried I was so bummed. But then I was okay, of course, after a little coffee and newspaper.

My work has an OM coach is getting overwhelming. The kids are doing great but just the running for supplies, paint, etc. is taking up a lot of time and energy. This job is a HUGE one. I told my daughter's previous coach that I never really appreciated all she'd done. So all you om coaches out there, WAY TO GO.


Sara said...

Okay, so my husband and I are sitting in Panera Bread, and I'm laughing so hard that I'm causing a scene. So I slide my laptop over to my husband, and point to the penis paragraph, and HE starts cracking up. I told him you're like the modern day Erma Bombeck...

Woot! An editor is reading your work!

Liz said...

Donna, I LOVE the penis comments from your boys. It totally is a young boy thing as Joseph has been talking A LOT lately about his scrotum looking like a brain and "GEE aren't boys lucky! I'm sorry girls don't have extra brains, Mom".

As you know I love election year as well and loved Obama's speech, too.

Thanks for all of your recommendations on books. I am reading the 2 you have lent me and LOVED "Rapunzel" (Sara from the blog comment, right?) Started "In the Name of God".

Congrats on the editor reviewing your manuscript! I will keep my fingers crossed and say prayers!!


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Isabel by Donna Jones Koppelman

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