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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Looking on the Bright Side

On the not-so-bright side. My ankle is officially fractured. I feel like an idiot. I know it's my own fault, trying to do too much, etc. and thanks to all of you who have REMINDED me of such in my pain. So sensitive of you. No, really.

On the bright side. I'm lying on the sofa, laptop in hand, with a little time to write. Granted my mind is full of a hundred things that need doing, orchestrating, etc. BUT I just can't do it. I'm so afraid of reinjuring it while it's vulnerable, not in a cast or anything until I go to the orthopedist tomorrow. I'm terrible about being still when I'm supposed to, but here's my big chance to be still.

My devotional yesterday (when I hurt my ankle on the back step) said this, "I am leading you, step by step." I get it. I wasn't following! Trying to do my thing, my way. Thought ya'll would get a kick out of that.

Last night I spent the early evening in my bed while the kids visited me one by one. One of them read to me, another one listened to me read, one needed help with studies, and another one just wanted to talk and snuggle. It was really a special time, and I wondered," Why do I have to get hurt to do this?" I mean, it was several hours of this and it seemed to be great for everyone. So I'm sure there are lessons to be gleaned.

A few redneck parenting tips:
1. When you get hurt on the back porch, tell your 4 year old that he CANNOT turn on the television until he's helped you, or he'll never come back outside.
2. When you get hurt on the back porch and you're stranded there because your four-year-old has gone inside to watch tv and locked the door, tell your child not to answer the phone with, "Hello. Mom's hurt and can't talk on the phone." Sometimes people panic.
3. Have a phone line on your back porch.
4. Explain to your children that jumping on the bed is NOT fun or a good idea when your foot is hurt and propped up in that same bed.
5. It's good to know that schools have wheelchairs and helpful school nurses when you choose to go to, say, OM practice instead of the hospital for an x-ray.
6. When your preschooler makes you a salad for lunch as a surprise, eat it. Even if it's only a bowl of lettuce leaves. And even if he gets too busy to bring you a fork.
7. Never be in the middle of a bathroom renovation project AND hurt your ankle. It's a long way upstairs to use the bathroom when you can't walk.
8. Always, always, always shave your legs. You never know what might happen.
9. Last but not least. Even if your four-year-old ignored you, locked you out, and took phone calls instead of helping you, positively reinforce him when he brings you an ice cube in a ziploc bag. Eventually.
10. Make-your-own-dinner-night can start at your house today and be expanded to include breakfast and lunch. Don't forget, give-your-own-bath-night, check-your-own-homework-night, and arrange-your-own-carpool-week.

Does anyone remember my monkey post? That everything I do could be replicated by a trained monkey? Well, did you know that's actually illegal? Go figure.
Have a great day, everyone. Apparently, after all this time, I've needed more than just TIME to write. djk

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Dorothy said...

Somehow, I see a story about a mom whose 4yr old went into the house, inadvertently locking her out and getting so fascinated with the TV he forgot all about her until the phone rang and, well, you know the rest. Really big of you to give him positive reinforcement when (much later) he brought you cube in a baggie. Of course illustrations are called for. You'll have to write it for a ladies mag, or parents mag.
Hope all goes well, and obviously Somebody Else will have to drive your OM team to the event.

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