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Friday, April 18, 2008

Obama Clinton McCain Alternate Election Idea

It's interesting to me how tabloid our elections have become. The newscasters seem to compete for dirt related to the candidates instead of information pertinent to the campaign. I understand that some 'dirt' should be brought to light, but then leave it alone. How long can you talk about this stuff and not discuss the issues? I'm wondering if our media has put so much emphasis on the attractiveness of the newscasters that they no longer hire people who know enough about politics to talk about the issues, so they talk about things they're comfortable with, like gossipy things. Anyway, you all know there's a problem, but I have a solution. We have become a country who loves the reality show, right? And most Americans will take more time to watch such a show than a debate, right? So here's the plan.

We'll get Dan Rather or some old-school news guy to host a reality show where Clinton, Obama, and McCain all live in a big house together. Every day they're given 'presidential tasks', things that need to be done ANYWAY, so it's, like, free labor for our country. On each of these tasks, they are graded and of course the whole thing is filmed for American to watch. Then, after they've completed tasks in a number of different categories like tax reform, international policy, educational reform, immigration policy, etc. , they begin to give them several things at a time, working under the pressure of time,with their families added to the house, and with people complaining all around them, someone trying to assassinate them, paparazzi trying to take their pics, etc., and see how they handle the stress. Then, the elimination rounds will begin. The last one standing will be, you guessed it, president! Perhaps their search for a running mate could also be a reality show much like The Bachelor because I imagine President and Vice President must be able to interact much like a healthy marriage. In the end, instead of a ring, the president could give the vp the key to the White House or something. I think it could work.

Secondly, I've been doing some organizing of my kid's rooms. I'm not one of these super neat people at all. But I do have some good systems in place for all my kids' clothes and things, so I'm going to share a few Redneck Organizing Tips with you. Hope you enjoy.

1. Get each of your children one of those racks that hang in the closet and say, "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday", etc. with a different shelf or pocket for each day. Then, keep all the pockets with an outfit for each day of the week. I love this system because when I put away clean clothes, I just put them in the holder as outfits, and it keeps the kids from digging in their drawers all the time, making a mess. My kids dress themselves in the morning (I tell them not to show their face on a school day until they're dressed), and they can choose from any outfit in the rack. They don't have to pick the exact day, but I keep the rack full of choices, so on any given day they have the choice of five outfits. And I keep a basket of socks on the floor beneath the rack, so everyone can dress him or herself from the time they're about 3.

2. With three kids in school and one preschoolers, my day really cranks up about 3:30 with homework, after school activities and so forth, so I do some planning ahead. First of all, I lay out my younger children's pajamas in the morning while I'm in their room supervising the bed-making or whatever. I put out their bath towels beside the tub. I set the table for dinner at about 8:45 in the morning. (often when I'm not even sure what we're eating!) I sharpen pencils for the kitchen pencil cup, set out notebook paper, and plan the healthy after school snack. I also try to have a counter project for my preschooler because he misses his sibs and wants to hang out with them while they're doing homework, but they're doing homework, so he needs something to do, too. I try to have a puzzle or coloring book and crayons or something that he can sit and do beside them. Oh, and I am the crock pot queen.

Well, that's all for today, my dearies. I hope my organizing tips help you have more time to write or paint or whatever it is you love to do! Have a wonderful week-end, and come back soon! xoxox

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Diane said...

I honestly can't say what I loved more -- your strategy for getting kids to dress themselves without rumpling up everything they own, or your strategy for electing our next president. Both are equally efficient, effective and needed!

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