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Friday, April 11, 2008

Fog Delay

Fog Delay Song (to be sung to the tune of the Lone Ranger song)

Don't you love a fog delay?
Makes me feel great every day.
Time for work and time for play.
DON'T you love a fog delay?

Here in our neck of the woods, we have a lot of fog delays because under certain conditions, the morning fog off the water can make it impossible to see. Thick as chowder. Anyway, we've had two in a row (and they often happen that way because weather systems often happen that way), so it's been nice for the kids.

Here's how it happens. Just as you're beginning to stir from sleep, sensing the sun's imminent rise, the phone rings. And you know it's the sweet automated voice from the school saying," Fog Delay." You stumble from bed, desperate to catch the phone before the machine picks up and praying the phone is actually in its cradle, grab it up and wait, breathlessly, to hour or two. Either is good. So you snuggle back into bed for a few minutes, not usually more than 20, then linger over coffee, the paper, then casually wake the kids. While the kids dress leisurely, find MATCHING socks, and actually chew their breakfast, you get the day off to an excellent start, free from rushing. Why can't I just simulate a fog day every day? Just get up earlier. I don't know. It's a mystery.

Speaking of fog, I've been in a bit of a fog being sick and all. My writing has been all over the place. I've been working on a pb manuscript, a couple of essays, at least two new mg novel manuscripts, some magazine work, and even a grant. I had to go to Chapel Hill yesterday to help defend a grant proposal for a new walking track for our community. Went well, I think.

I've been thinking about how much I love school visits, teaching and talking to kids. And one day when I sell a book, I'm most excited about the school visits. I really just want to do school visits, actually, as my career. I was thinking about a possible presentation for a school visit that kids would like with the theme 'little known facts about famous authors' and I could give little tidbits about the writing habits of E.B. White, Jerry Spinelli, Kate DiCamillo, you know, the greats. So in my own egocentric/dreamer kind of way, I wondered what I might say about myself. You know, what little known fact could I give about my own work habits? So I thought of one, and I'm going to share it with you. Are you ready?

I really like to do headstands. It's true. Every morning, I do a headstand and hold for a couple of minutes. I feel like it gets my blood pumping, gets me going. So anytime I'm working and I feel tired or can't get rolling, I just do a headstand.

So, for all my readers, share a little known fact about YOU! And then let me know whether or not you give permission for me to share it in a school visit one day!

Redneck Parenting Tips:
When your child has a school field trip that leaves at 4:30 in the morning, do NOT offer to chaperone. But remember to send a nice note to the parents who did.

When your kids have extra time in the morning due to a fog delay, this is an excellent time to get a little extra work out of them. I find that bribing them with a special treat after school or something gives them just the incentive they need. They also learn that if they're hanging around, you'll give them chores, so at least if they're not working, they're not bugging you. They go outside to kick a soccer ball or something.

Happy Friday, everyone. I'm off to stand on my head and then write, write, write!

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Dorothy said...

Someway, there's got to be a way to publish blogs. This one is particularly well written.
A fan

I'm glad you're feeling better.

Actually (I sure do like that word) I could pass modern dance, gymnastics and play good basketball, but could never stand on my head. Kind of like swimming, which I passed on three different occasions and promptly forgot how to.

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