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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Graduations Aplenty

It's that season. Kids are graduating left and right, kids I thought were still in middle school! Kids whose diapers I helped change. Well, you know what I mean. My ED and I were reflecting on these amazing events yesterday, and I asked her," Do you feel like your life is moving fast?" And she said, "No, but everyone else's sure is." Isn't that the way it feels at that age? I laughed and laughed.

My husband has gone for a run. Now I know some of you have husbands who 'go for a run', my husband isn't one of them. Don't get me wrong, he's in good shape and actually quite athletic if you count back flips on the trampoline and surfing efforts, but he doesn't 'go for a run'. So anyway this morning, he gets up, puts on these (very wrinkly, obviously buried deep in his closet) running shorts and says he's going for a run. Hmmmm. Wonder what's up with that? Could it be related to all these graduations? Because there's nothing like seeing other people's kids grow up to make you hold your crowd a little closer. And want to live a little longer?

We attended a graduation party last night for a young lady who just graduated from high school. The family has five awesome kids, their youngest is nearly the exact age of our oldest. These kids have done really well and will continue to do really well. Then you look around at some other kids, and it's just not so clear. But one thing is clear, the relationship with the parents is a huge common denominator. At any rate, I'd like to take a few lessons from them.

A big wildfire is burning near us. My eyes have been stinging for days. We keep getting these safe air advisories, which totally crack me up. What other air should I breathe? I mean, there's not an option. Anyway, it's burning over 29,000 acres near us but most of that region is water-bound, so I also laugh when they proudly say they've got it contained. I've felt kind of foggy for days, breathing this stuff, my eyes a little blurry, my throat hurting. Is this how people in California feel all the time? I mean, that's serious wildfire country there.

Okay, well, it's time to wrap my by blog about nothing. Good luck with all your graduations. At every ceremony, every party, every invitation, and every delivery of monogrammed towels, may you reflect not only on the life of that sweet kid, but on the parents who struggled to make it so. We, too, will make it one day.

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