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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back in the Routine, Redneck parenting tips, and grateful Wed

Hold on to your seats, I feel some redneck parentings tips coming on....

1. Kids are adjusting to new rules at school, new routines, and new patterns. NOW is the time to make changes at home! Update that chore chart, turn off the television until after supper, re-route the backpacks, set computer boundaries. If you do it now, it will be easier than later. I promise. btw, I read yesterday that some study (sorry, no specifics, can't even recall where I read it...)showed that children who did chores that served others (i.e. making drinks for dinner, feeding the dog, reading to siblings, etc.) showed much more compassion and empathy or others than children who just did chores that served themselves (ie making bed, cleaning out backpack, making own lunch,etc.).

2. NOW is the time to love up your teachers. Get off on the right start with your relationship with teachers. How about a small plant for her classroom? (I like to plant a bulb and give to the teacher, so they can watch it grow and change over a period of months--amaryllis is an awesome choice)

3. Democatic National Convention, Republican National Convention--two great opportunities for your children to learn about the election process and thanks to YOUTUBE, they don't have to stay up late or sit through the boring parts. Download some important, talked-about moments of the conventions and share with the family for discussion. Then the next two months, they'll have some background for political conversation at the dinner table as the election approaches. Our plan is to show them the acceptance speeches of the two candidates back to back, then let them see who they like.

4. NOW is the time to think about next summer. I know it's an exhausting thought, but camps fill up fast so to the best deals on vacation rentals, etc. Start now, and you'll have saved money in the end.

5. Get a good carpool routine going, not just for school, but for soccer practice and dance, too. Exposing your children to well-chosen adults gives them great opportunities to interact with grown-ups who are good examples. Also, the more grown-ups your kids know, the more career options they have to consider. Most research shows that children choose to pursue a career based on an adult they knew with this career. (which explains why some 88% of first generation college students from rural areas plan to major in education--teachers were their primary college educated example)

6. If your household is in disarray like mine, check out the flylady on the internet. Google her and learn all about how to organize your household. Her scheduling tips for keeping your house clean are the BEST. And you'll love her website. She'll even send you e-mail reminders of what you're supposed to be doing on a certain day. Her best routines involve your HOT SPOTS. Check it out.

7. DON'T commit to taking on anything new without a 24 hour time to think about it. This is the time of year when EVERYONE is looking for volunteer commitments. Remember: a need is not a calling.

Well, I just had a few minutes before heading upstairs to hit my own hot spot. (wow, that sounds kind of sexy, but believe me, it's not! And now I've just remembered it's Grateful Wed. I have so much to be grateful for this week.

1. I'm grateful that my YS LOVED his first day of kindergarten./
2. I'm grateful that my YS has an awesome kindergarten teacher, and my other three kids seem to be well-placed as well.
3. I'm grateful that my ED is trying out for the soccer team. I'm proud of her courage and perseverance (she's never played before).
4. I'm grateful that my YD is playing the trumpet. She's so excited about it.
5. I'm grateful to have an awesome carpool partner. That makes all the difference.
6. I'm grateful for new beginnings, fresh starts, tweaked routines, and devoted teachers.
7. I'm grateful for my crock pot.
8. I'm grateful for every bit of writing encouragement. My ES brought home a sheet he'd completed at school. It was a little getting to know you kind of thing. One of the questions was: who is your favorite author? God bless him, he put Donna Koppelman. It's on my bulletin board above my desk. He got a little extra jello last night.
Everyone have a wonderful day! xoxox

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Dorothy said...

I love it that ES put you as his favorite author!

Isabel by Donna Jones Koppelman

Isabel by Donna Jones Koppelman

Major Bear at the Grove Park Inn by Donna Jones Koppelman

Major Bear at the Grove Park Inn by Donna Jones Koppelman