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Friday, September 12, 2008

Birthdays Aplenty

Today, my YD turns 11. Tomorrow my DH turns 41, and Monday my ES turns 8! Just mind-boggling. I have presents to wrap and so much to do, but I'm also glued to Hurricane Ike. I'm worried about my Texas family. Hopefully I'll get an update from someone soon. If you're reading, Aunt Brenda, tell me who's where! But I also have to confess that I'm so relieved that it's not hitting us.

My kindergartner has made a lot of progress this week adjusting to school. Thank goodness! It's a big change for all these little ones.

It's been a busy week, but I'm very proud to have sent a submission this week. My goal has been two subs a week, but for such a busy week, I cut myself some slack and shot for one. I'm amazed and happy that I made it. I've found a pretty good routine for myself, and I've been productive. So next week, back to two subs. Thanks for the encouragement you've given me in this vein.

I'd like to talk a bit about the great Palin debate. Politics aside, can you believe the blatant sexism being smacked at this woman? I wanted to think Americans were ready and prepared for a woman, but it seems I was wrong. The media has gone wild. Not just political rags but even US magazine, People, etc. are in on it. If we criticize the choices of women, then we go back to limiting choices for women. Would I have made the same choices? Would you? Well, that's a different debate. She's already a working mom, a governor with five kids, it's not like she's going to go be a stay-at-home mom if she isn't elected. Everyone's debating THAT issue, and that decision has already been made. Get over it. Now, let's look at her CREDENTIALS, her TALENTS, her SKILLS and for goodness sakes, stop the head to toe camera scans! When's the last time a camera man paused on George Bush's ass or legs while he was giving a speech. Unbelieveable! Whether or not you agree with her politics, you must have an opinion AS A WOMAN.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the people in the path of Hurricane Ike.

What are YOU writing today?

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Jody said...

When I hear a male politician cite his "dad" credentials over and over again as the first thing in his speeches, then I'll be more inclined to thing it's sexist for people to discuss her choices. Personally, I'd rather leave her whole personal life out of it and let her credentials, such as they are, stand on their own. But that's not the choice that she's making.

I think that the people critiquing her personal life are falling right into her hands, because every single moment they spend talking about her personal life is a moment that they're not talking about her fitness to be one step away from the presidency.

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Isabel by Donna Jones Koppelman

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