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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Craziness-Need for a National Pause

So how does it happen that our lives get so crazy? How many soccer games can four kids have? I know there's an exponent in that problem somewhere. I've been out of the house every night this week, and I'm exhausted. NOw I'll admit, last night's outing was a fun one, but still. And I LOVE to watch my kiddos play soccer, but it's cold out (again, not complaining, love this weather!)and I just want to snuggle up at home and have some family time. Am I speaking anyone's language? I think once a month, there should be a National Pause. Maybe the last Thursday of each month, no activities of any kind may be help. For the health and well-being of our country. Isn't that a good idea? A National Pause. Hmmm...wonder how you get such a thing started? Maybe on facebook under causes? I'm going to look into it.

I haven't given any redneck parenting tips in a while, so here goes:

List for my kids on how they know they can't wear flip flops to school anymore
1. They can't feel their toes.
2. Their toes are blue.
3. Fallen leaves are stuck between their blue, unfeeling toes.
4. You have to put chapstick on your toes or they get chapped.
5. You're wearing gloves.
6. A 'nice lady' comes to talk to you in class and asks you if you have any other shoes.
7. The school sends home donated shoes to wear to keep your feet warm.

As you can see, this has been an issue in my house which mostly culminates in my 5YO clutching his flip flops to his chest every morning at the door crying about how he loves these shoes most in the world and he can't sit criss cross applesauce in any other kind of shoe except his very favorite, wonderful, beautiful 'weefs'.

Yes, this has been an issue in my house.

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WordWrangler said...

we went through the SAME thing today. The whole "nice lady" comment cracked me up. I've had that happen. Most of the time, I walk in a room and say, "YES, they do own other shoes. This morning, though, they seem to have disappeared. NO, we don't need any shoes, thank you..."

I'm going to stop buying flipflops I think. Wait - no. I can't. Then they'd just go me. :) (I'm apparently VERY much of a redneck when it comes to that)

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Isabel by Donna Jones Koppelman

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