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Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Morning

I didn't sleep very well last night due to two things. #1, I have this ridiculous owie between two of my toes, so I'm limping around like an old lady by day and aching by night. It even feels idiotic to type it, but it's a pain all the same. and #2, snow was forecast again, and you KNOW how excitable I am. So I spent much of the night lying there listening for snow on my roof (which never came). Finally very early this morning I fell fast asleep, as it often happens just before sunup. Suddenly, a familiar sound awoke me. Imagine the sound your fingers make when you rub the rim of a crystal glass, make it a little scratcher and that's your sound.

We live in a very old house with a fireplace in our bedroom. The fireplace is on my side of the bed and only about five feet away, and the sound came from there. Echoing and rustling. I knew my owl family had come back to settle in the fireplace again. Which is not good for lots of reasons. Let's just say I'll have to have a small fire today to run them off. (btw, a small fire only frightens them off, it doesn't roast them and send them tumbling down like a roaring fire does--nice piece of info, huh?)

So now I'm down to write for the day, and I'm excited to do it. Then a TON of housework and errands to follow.

I've been reading this great book about all the children who were shipped out of Europe during WWII and how that culture valued its children. People all over took in these children sight unseen and cared for them until the end of the war or longer in most sad cases. Would we do the same today? What about the situation in Iraq? Afghanistan? the Sudan? I could go on and on. Why are we not removing children from those situations until grown-ups resolve their differences? I would gladly take a few, and I'm sure many of you would, too. So then I started thinking about our American culture and how we value children less than ever. We do not prioritize our schools and education. Our children rule the roost in many young families today. One survey said that 85% of family vacations are locations chosen by the kids. So why aren't grown-ups taking the lead? Obviously grown-ups know the experiences children need to have, educational experiences crucial to their growing up, and the importance of saying NO to harmful things like video games, excessive television, overprogrammed schedules, and premature cell phone and internet use. The statistics are there to show us exactly what is dangerous and detrimental, so why do we see an increase in these things rather than a decrease? Aren't our children worth it? And I don't mean just your children in your house, I'm talking about our children as a whole throughout the nation. If we know a food is bad for people, the fda recalls it. Books and books are written about the types of games, etc. that have proven harmful and addictive, so why aren't they recalled?

Okay, enough of my rampage because I'm starting to sound like a Fascist when i am simply reflecting on civic responsibility in this area. Off the soapbox. But any thoughts to add? I'd love to hear them. Hmmmm...

Have a great Monday. xox


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