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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another Year Zaps By

Last day of school is TOMORROW. I can't believe I'll soon be mother to an 8th grader, a 7th grader, a 3rd grader and a 1st grader! No more kindergarten for YS--unbelieveable to me. Tempus is definitely Fugiting.

I've neglected you lately, and I want to apologize. I know you'll be even less understanding when I tell you that I was in Bermuda most of last week. For those of you oozing with compassion, yes, I had a wonderful trip with my husband to celebrate my 40th. I missed the kids and definitely experienced some anxiety about the regular old dangers of traveling and returning home alive, but clearly God realizes that no one out there wants four kids except their parents.

I'm tired, chugging coffee as I write. These last few days of school are fun in some ways except it seems like I'm spending an awful lot of time at school, as well, for all the awards days, etc. I guess it's because I have it all multiplied by four! At any rate, I'm very proud of the kids for all their hard work this year.

While I was in Bermuda, I finally finished this book, THE OUTLIERS. Please don't misunderstand about the finally part. This book is great, but I kept leaving it places, so it took me a while to actually have it in one place long enough to finish it. Plus, it's nonfiction which takes me a little longer, because I do anal things like take notes, etc. It is a MUST READ this summer. It's a fascinating look at culture's role in success. It would also be a great Father's Day present for your husband or father. Each chapter is a separate category in itself, so you can read one chapter one day and another chapter weeks later without losing anything.

I was fascinated, as I always am when I travel, with the educational system in Bermuda. Bermuda has a 100% literacy rate--100%!!! Can you wrap your brain around that? I won't even go into the literacy rate of eastern North Carolina, but let's just say it's SIGNIFICANTLY lower than 100%. The people are so polite and welcoming, not like other places I've traveled where you're SURE that they're murmuring in their native language, "Those damn Americans" by the way they act. On the ferry or the bus, schoolchildren offer their seats to adults, rush to hold doors for you in stores and restaurants, and carry books everywhere. Nearly every person from the ferry workers to the bellboys at our resort had books tucked into their pockets. Cool, huh.

I always let my kids go online right before school lets out and they choose their books for summer reading. Everyone has ordered now but one remaining child, and she's my biggest reader. I'll be interested to see what she picks. I haven't put anything on her nightstand in a while....

In Bermuda, I saw this fabulous, huge yacht named THE STORYTELLER. Cool. Must have been J.K.Rowling, though.

Okay, sports fans. Have a wonderful day. xoxo This was officially my most boring post evah!

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