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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

An amazing book and a remarkable crab

I don't often speak of adult novels on this blog because, honestly, I don't read many of them anymore. BUT today I must make yet another exception and speak on Pat Conroy's SOUTH OF BROAD. I have anticipated this novel for years because I love Pat Conroy's work, but nothing could have prepared me for this book. I fell in love with every character from page one, and fell deeper with every chapter. The characters were exceptionally well-drawn, the protagonist's voice left me spellbound, and the setting, well, what can I say about a novel set in Charleston? As a southerner it felt completely right and real and dead on in every nuance, positive and negative. I dare say this novel is one of the greatest American novels of my lifetime. Without being too specific about the plot points, it addresses so many issues that have plagued our generation, our time, in such a real and immediate way. Needless to say, I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone and everyone. Conroy's language left me breathless at every turn. His grasp of the language is magical. I only wonder if people who live outside the south will 'get' it because it does feel so 'inside', if that makes sense. Read it TODAY! (or as the kindle pop up says, "you can begin reading this novel in less than one minute"--sucks me in every time)

Now for the amazing crab. I almost wonder if I should wait and discuss the crab tomorrow because it is so AMAZING and REMARKABLE that I want a picture to accompany it, but I don't have one now. However, I feel so strongly about this crab that I don't want any of my readers to miss this opportunity for another day, so I must address it. Out of towners, please accept my apology in advance for tempting you beyond your own county lines. However, you might find it to be worth the trip.

Yesterday i went out to this great seafood market on 32. I haven't been much this summer because 1. I've mostly been at the cottage at the beach and 2. I don't drive 32 except when I'm taking kids to school. Anyway, yesterday I went to pick up some shrimp (you know they CLEAN it for only $1) for dinner, and the seafood market had a new addition. The owners have purchased one of those mobile trailer things like they serve food out of at the fair with big fryers, etc. (Look, EVERYTHING tastes better when made like that--no kidding) Anyway, I got out of my car and I could smell this fried wonderful something, so I purposely avoided this temptation and went in to order my shrimp. Of course, it was going to take a minute for them to clean them, so of course, that yummy-smelling trailer lured me back outside. I told myself I would just check it out.

Ten minutes and $5 later, I am holding a fried crab that is, no kidding, the size of the steering wheel of my car. I carried it to my car in a full size grocery bag and raced home with it. I jumped out of the car and went into my kitchen to unwrap this beauty. It was as big as I had remembered it. I called my children and a few neighborhood kids, too, to admire it. The dogs barked at it. My husband had even run home to pick something up for the office and had to stop and stare. This crab was huge. Soon, we broke into it to eat the sweet, hot crabmeat from its claws. Sheer perfection. It was the perfect summer lunch, mode of entertainment and spectacle sport. It was, hands down, the best $5 I've spent this summer and the tastiest sea creature. There's something about the work of getting into a crab that's so sensual, so visceral, that makes it taste even better.

Friends, if you live in Edenton, drag yourself down hwy 32 today, plunk down a $5 bill, and see for yourself today. You might see me there.

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Anonymous said...

Will they be selling those in October? Just curious.

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