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Friday, August 21, 2009

Hurricane Season

I have a big confession to make. I kind of like hurricane season. Okay, I love it. I've said it. I consider myself to be a sensitive, humanitarian kind of woman, so it's not that I like to see people hurt and property lost. Nothing like that. I love the radars, the hot weathermen standing on piers while the wind thrashes them about, the surfers loading the beach in droves, that heavy feeling in the air just before the big one.

Hurricane Bill is WAY out in the Atlantic, but it's effects are being felt here already. The waves are HUGE although the ocean is relatively calm. It's an interesting combination. The water is also so blue and clear. The air is heavy, humid, ripe with expectation. We won't get a big blow, not even close, but we'll get some rain and surf, of course. The surfers are having a ball although we wouldn't let our kids go in although some other kids their age were surfing. The red flags are flying, and you can only go in if you're on a board at least 6 feet long. My husband went in with his board for a few minutes, but it was torture for the kids, so he got out. Very understanding and cool of him because he was DYING to spend the afternoon in those big waves.

So here's the thing. Hurricane season is upon us, and I'm pretty revved up. I actually go to the store and get the hurricane chart. I like to record the storms and I'll keep you posted throughout the season, whether or not you're interested.

Now Katrina was tragic, worse than tragic, and that one wasn't fun at all. But all the little ones, well, they do get my blood pumping.

I'm interested to see what Bill will do. Hopefully the Nova Scotians are preparing. (fresh water and batteries, baby)

Have a safe and fun week-end. Stay out of the ocean unless you're an experienced surfer. And oh, yeah, enjoy your last school-free week-end. I'll be spending at least part of mine with Jim Cantori.

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