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Saturday, September 5, 2009

What Constitutes an Emergency?

We're at the cottage this week-end in Nags Head, wrapping things up for the summer, relaxing, and so on. I got up this morning and decided to hit the grocery store for milk, so everyone could have cereal for breakfast. Plus, we needed a couple more things to get us through the week-end (like beer and bottled water).

As you may imagine, the Labor Day week-end grocery store scene was crazy. It's a beautiful day, and everyone's stocking their coolers to get out on the beach. I was the 21st person in line, no kidding, because Food Lion thought they would only need one checker this morning. Go figure.

As I'm unloading my cart onto the conveyor (yes, I ended up with more than milk and beer), my phone keeps ringing and ringing. Since my husband is at the cottage with the kids (and I think it is so rude when people talk on the phone while they're checking out), I hit ignore and, well, ignore it. But it keeps ringing and ringing, so as soon as I check out, I push my cart to one side on the sidewalk and check the number. It's my daughter. I call her back, worried, now, that I've ignored a critical call.

Here's the critical call: she was calling me FROM THE BATHROOM to ask me to bring her a new roll of toilet paper downstairs. She thought I was upstairs (didn't realize I'd gone to the store), and she was phone-stalking me to bring her some toilet paper. Now that's a new one on me. And I'm sure she'll be thrilled I blogged it, but I thought it was hilarious. Just one more reason to argue that kids are unnaturally attached to their cell phones.

P.S. She had solved the problem by the time I got home to help which just goes to show you that she still has a few problem-solving skills that don't involve her phone.

Have a great week-end.

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