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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Viagara Spam- You have to laugh

So yesterday I wrote about Snuggle Season briefly, and it was in my title. Apparently it prompted some spam. See the comments on yesterday's post. Now in light of all I've been through this week thanks to my arch-enemy Dr. Mohommed Azir, I have to wonder if he is my anonymous poster. I guess it's appropriate to Snuggle Season...that makes me laugh out loud. Oh, well. I would normally delete freaky comments like that (as I have many times before), but I might just leave this one. You've gotta laugh, you know?

It's a beautiful morning. My husband and son left at 7:00 this morning for a soccer tournament. I had big plans of getting up with them and writing but it didn't happen exactly like that. We have a full, full Saturday, yet again, and I have to be deliberate about spending time with each child one-on-one in the midst of such a day.

Redneck Mom's Guide to a Great Week-end With Your kids
1. Make a rule- only one sleepover per week-end.
2. Plan family time BEFORE the week-end, so that time is protected. Even if it's as random as an early breakfast together on Saturday before all the soccer games or a popcorn family meeting Friday afternoon to talk about the week-end schedule.
3. Have something you always do together on the week-end. Something that's protected no matter what. Like church (and breakfast before or lunch after, perhaps) on Sunday morning. We always gather to watch the Viking game on Sunday during football season. The kids all put on their purple and we cheer together.
4. Be prepared for family time--maybe rent a movie that they'll want to see (yes, bribe them to hang out with you) or plan to play a game at some point.
5. Plan couple time, too. It's essential for Mom and Dad to get some time, too.
6. Have a chore that you all have to do together. Like raking or just clearing off the coat rack.
7. Go to bed early on Sunday night. EVERYONE. And you'll be ready for a great week.

Have FUN! And enjoy your awesome week-end. Great weather for family kickball.

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Anonymous said...

I've been following a similar list with my kids, too. I've actually asked them to name three things each day they'd like to do with me (one on one time). Then I pick one of the three activities. My goal is to make sure get at least 3 days a week in with one on one time. It's hard sometimes with 3 kiddos (you have more than me, I know!), but I think it's important.

We also try to do something fun together as a whole family during the week and weekends. Hiking, a special movie, game night, etc.


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