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Monday, December 7, 2009

The Bucketheads and House without a Christmas Tree by Gail Rock

First of all, I'd like to direct your attention to the picture on your left of the screen of the children with buckets on their heads. That picture was taken in Asheville this summer (with some dear friends), so four of the kids are mine. The kids had just gone to Kilwin's (yummy ice cream and fudge), and Kilwin's had a big stack of plastic buckets/tubs that they use to store ice cream. They were giving these buckets away for people to recycle as they please. The kids begged for a bucket, no kidding, like it was the most awesome thing ever. So the dads made the kids go around one at a time and tell what they would do with the bucket, should we let them keep it. It was hilarious the things they said, the funniest being my YS who said it would be a good throw up bucket when he's sick (and he's actually used it as such AFTER he put it on his head, I should add). They also thought it would be a good album cover for a band (Ethan and the Bucketheads--hence the picture with one kid without the bucket). At any rate, I complained about dragging four of these buckets all the way home from Asheville in an already very full car, but we did, and I use them ALL THE TIME. So I just wanted to share with you a few good uses for Kilwin's buckets in case you're considering them in the near future. In this economy, it's a thoughtful thing to put on your Christmas list.
1. Throw-up bucket. Perfect size, I'll spare you the details, but believe me. They're perfect.
2. To keep your still-on-the-stalk brussel sprouts fresh in cold water on the porch.
3. To hold greenery in cold water on the porch while you're decorating for Christmas
4. To brine a turkey at Thanksgiving
5. To mix paper mache for school projects and OM.
6. For tie-dying. (keep the mess outside!)
7. For soaking bulbs before you force them.
8. To bathe baby dolls and 'mans'.
9. To trap an escaped hamster
10. To gather up toys from the yard to put away.

I could go on and on, but trust me, these things are awesome.

The next thing I want to discuss is THE HOUSE WITHOUT A CHRISTMAS TREE and other books by Gail Rock. While running errands with my daughter this week-end (i.e. checking the price of every lipgloss within a 10 mile radius while shopping for Christmas gifts), we came across the movie THE HOUSE WITHOUT A CHRISTMAS TREE. Does anyone remember that movie? It debuted in 1972 and used to run annually. I loved all the books by Gail Rock (The House Without a Christmas Tree, The Thanksgiving Treasure, The Easter Promise, and Addie and the King of Hearts -my favorite). I used to re-read them all the time (as we did in the 'olden' days when there wasn't the vast offering of MG and YA books we have today). My favorites were Addie and the King of Hearts and The House Without a Christmas Tree. I used to especially re-read The House Without a Christmas Tree at Christmastime every year. I LOVED Addie Mills, the protagonist, and all her adventures in her midwestern town (where it snowed all the time--loved that). Anyway, I'd love to get my hands on those books and re-read them. I believe they're all WAY out of print, so if anyone has them, please loan them to me! Pick them up if you see them anywhere and read them. It's a great glimpse into simpler times.

Lastly, four more days of decorating until the tour, including today. The decorating is not that hard to me--okay, kind of hard--but the real hard part is cleaning up and keeping it clean with four kids in the house. I hope the tour will be a success this year, Edenton needs the money. It's going to be a great tour this year, too, so hopefully we'll have lots of dear out of towners who will come and do all their Christmas shopping here, too!

Have a great day, a great week, and if you don't have plans for this week-end, come to Edenton for the HIstoric Homes Christmas Tour, Friday and Saturday. It's going to be a good one.

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