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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Off I Go...into the wild blue yonder

In about an hour and a half, I'll be leaving for the airport to head to NYC for a conference, meetings, etc. I'm very excited but nervous about all the kid stuff, etc., in my absence. I hope Chris can handle it without too much fanfare. There's a lot going on.

What is it about leaving town that's so exciting? Is it the actual experience or just not being where you are? While I'm excited about where I'm GOING, leaving what I'm leaving (regular day to day stuff) is also exciting. Does that make sense? Anyway, I pray for safe travels for me and safety for my fam in my absence (and the dogs--hopefully SOMEONE will feed them...).

We went for one of the most painful WASP rites of passage last night--church directory photos. Yikes. What a pain with four kids and a big long line of people waiting, one coughing, hacking photographer, and the constant effort to up-sell. I don't even know what to say except I'm glad it's over and it's a miracle, we all got there in one piece and in somewhat coordinated clothes (it actually hurts me to say that because it sounds so dorky and if I'm totally honest with myself, it IS so dorky). At any rate, it's finished and my mother, at least, will be pleased to have a corny picture of the fam. My poor 6 YO, ever since his horrible black eye, his eyes have a tendency (don't laugh) to cross when he smiles really big. I don't know why. But the eye doc seems to think they'll strengthen over time (and in truth, it has gotten better), but the whole time, I'm thinking, don't smile too big (and cross your eyes and look all pitiful). It will be yet another Koppelman family picture that will elicit screams of laughter one day.

Then my DH decided we should all go out for Mexican, so the kids were really excited about that. It was really fun. I think we have JUST gotten to the point with the kids ages, etc. that something like that can actually BE ENJOYABLE as opposed to painful, embarrassing, exhausting, etc. We had a really nice time.

My 9 YO had a tough adjustment to 3rd grade this year. HIs first 9 weeks grades were not so hot, but he snapped right to it, and has done very well ever since. Well yesterday he came home with his report card and came upstairs just sobbing and handed it to me. HE had been looking at the 1st 9 weeks again,poor guy, when in fact, his grades were excellent once he looked in the RIGHT place (so add his red eyes to the goofy pic). I felt so badly for him because clearly he'd been upset about this since he looked at the report card on the way home from school. Poor guy. So we celebrated his good report card at Mamacita's, too.

Well, I know you're just riveted to the spot with all the family news, ha ha, so I'll take you out of your pain and end now. I just needed to ease myself back into a blog after the painful Vikings loss. I can't talk about it yet, but maybe someday. THANKS for reading. Have a great week.

And oh, yeah, Grateful Wed.
1. Healthy kids
2. Kid accomplishments this week-award, report cards, etc.
3. trip to NYC
4. DH willing to hold down the fort
5. healthy parents and extended family
6. safe and warm home
7. great response to Haitian tragedy
8. chance of seeing SNOW this week-end!!!


Sara said...

Have a fabulous time, Donna! I'll miss seeing you.

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Isabel by Donna Jones Koppelman

Isabel by Donna Jones Koppelman

Major Bear at the Grove Park Inn by Donna Jones Koppelman

Major Bear at the Grove Park Inn by Donna Jones Koppelman