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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Killer Whales and a sea world vacation to remember

Okay, so we're 'intelligent beings', right? So we put a killer whale in a tank to become best friends with a tasty morsel of a human, feed him things that don't fight back, restrain his basic instincts to swim in wide open spaces...okay, let me try this another way.

Imagine yourself put in a small enclosed space, say, your linen closet. Day after day. Year after year. People come in and feed you. They even bring people to watch you in your linen closet. Eventually you get bored and agree to do dumb tricks for these idiots who come to watch you in your linen closet. They say they 'love' you, but what they love is this linen-closet-living freak who's just doing what everyone else makes you do. After a while, this cramped life starts to get to you, you want to stretch your legs, get some exercise, raise a little hell, anything but obey the people who tell you what to do. So you try something new, play with the person who feeds you and makes you do dumb tricks. I mean, you're just trying to liven things up a little.

Oops. She's dead?

What makes us think we can put these animals in these situations? There's no logical explanation. This morning I heard that the people at Sea World would now exercise 'additional caution' in dealing with the whale. Hello??? Additional caution? Is it me, or is this situation just ludicrous?

Okay, that's off my chest now. Whew.

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