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Monday, February 22, 2010

Yay! I'm back on!

After days of technical difficulties, I'm finally back on. I've missed you and have so much to tell you about.

First of all, I read an amazing book. WHERE THE MOUNTAIN MEETS THE SKY by Grace Lin. It was a Newberry Honor book this year, and her childhood friend, Alvina Ling, mentioned it at the conference in NYC. It is unlike anything you've ever read, yet it will evoke the cultural and journeying feel of A SINGLE SHARD (Linda Sue Park's AMAZING Newberry winner from a few years back) and, imho, Proverbs of the New Testament. The story moves along but stops regularly for someone to tell "The story of....whatever". All the stories were wonderful and will certainly find their way into many literature text books-ideal excerpts. My favorite one was about a family who was so happy and content and loving and kind that a leader of the land heard about them. Even though he had all the material riches one can imagine, he wanted what this family had, so he sent his soldiers to get it. I'll let you read it for yourself to learn what happens next. I plan to read it aloud to my boys (nearly 7 and 9), but ANY AGE would love this book. That's the other thing i loved about it. Definitely check it out. Great literature.

We had a busy week-end, but i got to spend a lot of time with my 9 year-old alone, and it was so special. WE stayed up late Saturday night snuggled up watching the Olympics together. We sat in front of the fire and read the paper together on Sunday morning. We had a lunch date after church together. He's such a cool kid, and I am so humbled and honored for the privilege to be his mother.

My youngest will turn 7 soon! I can't believe it. He's getting glasses this week which should be interesting since he rarely even knows where his shoes are. But I hope it will help the little guy with his handwriting. (Being able to see should help, right?) He's nervous about it, but I pray he can roll with it.

OM kids will perform their skit for the first time today. Should be interesting. I'm excited to see them, actually. They're great kids, and they have the potential to be awesome, but you know how these last weeks can be. Pray for me, please. For my patience and, well, my patience and still, my patience. I love these kids to pieces.

The Olympics have been so uplifting and inspiring. It makes me want to compete. (but not train, of course, just run around waving the American flag) But I have to admit, I felt kind of sorry for the Canadians last night when we beat them at hockey. I know that much of the country's self-esteem is wrapped up in their hockey win, ha. What's really cool is how these athletes pull for each other. It's really a close knit community, especially in the sports like skiing and bobsledding, etc. (single or small team) They're all buds for the most part, and they seem to be genuinely excited for each other. I just LOVED the girl who won something in skiing (can't remember which event), and she just laid in the snow and kicked her skiis around in excitement. Just pure joy. Gotta love it.

And Tiger's apology...well, we'll talk about that tomorrow...

Have a great day! You guys are the best readers ever. You were sweet to check on me in my absence this week-end. The blogsite just wouldn't let me sign in for days! But there was a little note that they were working on it, so whatever. Have a good one!

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Isabel by Donna Jones Koppelman

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