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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

School Year Report Card

I just glanced at my last post, and it scared me all over again. It's an important issue, one we need to consider, but sorry for the downer. Just a little dark, don't you think?

Okay, dearies, I've had an eventful couple of days, but I'll spare you the boring details of my life for once. The school year has come to a close, and because I'm a neurotic, Type A perfectionist, I always look back over the school year and give myself a report card. What have I done well to help my kids this school year? What do I need to work on next year?

Definitely next year I want to be more involved at the elementary school. I spent a lot of time on middle school things this year from OM to other issues that I wasn't at White Oak as much for the first time in years. Also, some years teachers are more receptive to parent involvement than others. Last year, I spent a day a week in J's class writing with the kids which was awesome, so I hope to do more of that next year with my 2nd grader and/or 4th grader.

We floated away from our no television on school nights this year for a while and then buckled back down. We will be more consistent next year (except for American Idol, of course, that is the only exception, oh, and Life on the Discovery Channel). We were also not very consistent with instrument practice this year, and we need to work on that, too.

The kids became much more independent this year with their work and studies, so that's a plus. They spent a lot more time outside playing this year regardless of the season, so that's a good thing, too. We also used the library a lot more, another plus. And mornings were calm as they could be this year. I'm proud of the kids for progress in this area, as well.

We made some hard, hard decisions this year. One is the decision to send our older girls to a different school next year. Other decisions were smaller, but hard just the same.

So now we're looking ahead to a fun, fun summer of family time and new experiences to load us up for a new school year next year! I will have two girls in high school next year (!! because their new school begins high school in 8th grade), one son in 4th grade and one son in 2nd grade. They are all at such wonderful ages, I hate to see them grow older. But if the years have taught me anything, it's that the kids just keep getting more and more fun, and we enjoy them more every day. We are very blessed.

So folks, do a little reflection on your school year. What was great? What needs work? And then look forward at all the fun summer has to offer. It's funny, but when it's beautiful and sunny outside, work doesn't feel as much like work because you know something fun is waiting when you leave. Have a great day and enjoy the spring season.

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