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Friday, September 17, 2010


So here's the thing. This blog is my 500th blog, AGAIN. I have to keep removing old blogs because *supposedly* blogspot will begin removing blogs after it hits 500. SO I didn't blog for the past two days because I couldn't get my act together to transfer some old blogs out. Boring to you, I know.

SO how about this bedbug epidemic? It's totally freaking me out. Especially since I've had awful poison ivy all week, so every time I hear a report on bedbugs, it makes me itch that much more. THe worst case I've heard was on the college campuses. Can you imagine dropping your kid off at campus, and a week later you get the call? "Mrs. Koppelman, The dorm is infested with bedbugs. Please come pick up your daughter and all her things, take them HOME, and wash EVERYTHING, then bring her back." WHAT???? Sheesh. So I'm headed to a conference in Charlotte next week-end, and I have to admit, the thought of bedbugs has crept into my mind.

I'm so excited about working in the classroom on Wednesdays at the school. I had a great time this week, even though I only worked in one class, it was great to be with the kids again. If any of you have any time in your schedule to spare, just an hour a week, the schools always need volunteers in the classroom. There is nothing more fulfilling than helping kids who need it. And goodness knows, there are a lot of kids in our town (and every town) who need it.

SO... that's all I have to say today because I think this blog may be deleted. So let me stop here, and see what happens. Wish me luck!

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alison said...

I just read an article today in the Charlotte paper about this. They said make sure to check right behind the headboard for any evidence of bedbug droppings. Most cleaning services don't think to clean up behind there. Also, the smart hotels are covering all mattresses with the allergy covers...they zip all the way help stop infestations into the mattresses.

Have fun at your conference. You'll be in my neighborhood, you know. xoxo

Isabel by Donna Jones Koppelman

Isabel by Donna Jones Koppelman

Major Bear at the Grove Park Inn by Donna Jones Koppelman

Major Bear at the Grove Park Inn by Donna Jones Koppelman