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Monday, October 17, 2011

National Book Awards Mistake

For any of you who have been dead and living in a hole today, I will catch you up on the case of the big mistake. One of my favorite authors, Lauren Myracle, had a book (SHINE) nominated for the National Book Award. And then it wasn't. You see they called her and said, "Whoo hoo! Your book is nominated! You rock! Shine is awesome. You have arrived as a writer!" etc. or at least those are the things that probably went through her mind. So she gets all excited, calls her husband, her mom, her high school rival, all her ex-boyfriends, and probably even her mother-in-law. She is affirmed at last. All those years of writing have paid off. She's a National Book Award finalist for goodness sakes. That's BIG.

Until (errrrrk---sound of needle scratching across record) Ms. Myracle gets another call. "Oops, actually, you're not nominated."

Um, yes, she was.

"It was a mistake."


"Will you please pull your book from the list..." (and this is the BEST part) "For the INTEGRITY of the National Book Award?"


"Okay, we'll throw in $5000 to a good cause in your name."

And Lauren Myracle, quietly pulled her book from the list.

My heart breaks for her and the ups and downs she must have experienced this week. Here is the e-mail I would write her if she was my best friend.

Lauren, WHAAAT? Did I hear correctly? Your book TOTALLY deserves to be on that list. SHINE rocks. But it's okay to cry. And have a drink or two. Better yet, I'm on my way. But until then, "You is good, you is kind, you is important" (from THE HELP-awesome book and flick). Best Friend

The lameness of that email only PROVES what a difficult situation she is/was in. Her fans are sad for her and furious at the way it was handled. People are rallying on her facebook page and on twitter and suggesting that everyone read SHINE. (as I also suggest)

So join the masses in support of Lauren Myracle in this tough time. Read SHINE and say a little prayer for her tonight.

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