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Friday, February 1, 2008

Am I Becoming Codependent?

This morning, my sweetie ED called from the ski trip, and all is well. I just wanted to pass that on to you, so you can breathe a sigh of relief with me.

As I logged on, it occurred to me that YOU were one of the first 'people' I wanted to share this information with. Like the other day with the whole chocolate do-nut debaucle, I couldn't wait to get online and share it. Is this healthy? Is it somehow stunting my real relationships? Am I putting as much time and energy into LIVING PEOPLE as I am this blog?

In some ways, I think this isn't so good. I should call a real live friend, and for the record, I did call my husband. Sometimes you get so behind on communication that it's hard to pick back up, and that's where my blog may be dangerous. For example, "Hey, Leanne, my kid's okay." "Oh, really? Why do you say that?" "Well, she went on the ski trip, and I was really worried." "Well, okay." long pause "Thanks for telling me." See the awkwardness? The bottom line here is I needed to share more than she needed to know. Does that make sense? So in that way, this blog is very good. I can exercise all my neuroses, and no one is forced to travel down that road with me. However, readers can join anytime without the pressure of a response. So maybe I'm okay.

In that vein, perhaps I am actually better off socially for not having such disjointed, awkward contacts. Another example, earlier in the school year, I devoted several blogs to complaining about pta. Had I done such complaining in real life (like with people on the board or other officers), I might have done irreparable damage to the dynamic of the group. i'm supposed to cheer them on, encourage, lead, not complain. This blog enabled me to purge the garbage and re-enter the real world ready to go. Now that I think about it, EVERYONE should have a blog. I'm going to suggest it to this really mean lady who works at my grocery store. If she just blogged all that negativity, she might be free to spread love and joy instead of general bad feelings.

At any rate, I love you guys. Thank you for listening. Oh, and I still haven't found my cell phone. (NO, I can't call it b/c I turned off the ringer for a meeting, but thanks for the half dozen of you who've e-mailed with that helpful suggestion) djk

p.s. I sent out two more queries this week. So far, I've kept up that New Year's Resolution. Woo Hoo!

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Dorothy said...

It occurs to me that blogging isn't in vain (!) But that word has to mean something profound. I think perhaps it allows the writer to first of all, write. That's what she likes to do, after all. And what better to write about than her personal current events? Secondly, I think the reader(s), or at least this one, is practicing living vicariously. It's so much easier for right brained people to do that than get out and stir up her own dramatic action. Blog on, Donna, and anyone else. I'll choose to latch onto the ones belonging to good writers or special friends and pretend I'm socializing back.
The other major thing about a blog is the blogger gets to tell personal 'secrets' without fear of boring anyone, and the reader gets to be in on the action. Who doesn't like to be in the know first?
So glad the fone is found.

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Isabel by Donna Jones Koppelman

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