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Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Perfect Man

When I was 25, the perfect man was tall, dark and handsome, of course. He was driven in his career path, smart, and able to discuss literature, politics, social issues. He should be highly intelligent, social and able to hail a cab with confidence. He should be smart enough to not drive drunk, do illegal drugs,or smoke. But live on the edge enough to be fun. He should hold all doors for me, pull out all chairs, and rise when I leave the table for any reason. Interestingly, 25 is the age that many of us decide who to marry.

Now that I'm much older, the perfect man looks a lot different than my 25 year old expectations. Now the things that get me hot are a lot more basic: unloading the dishwasher, putting his dirty clothes in the laundry basket instead of on the floor, taking the kids out for pizza. These are the things likely to put me over the moon. Helping my kid win the pinewood derby, math fair, and hook up the wii. Taking out the trash for me without me asking. Jeez, I'm going crazy just typing it. Now the problem with this is this description looks a LOT different than the man I might have chosen in my twenties. Just an observation.

In this vein, my husband won his first pinewood derby. I mean, my son did. What an exciting day it was Saturday. And my ED spent half the week-end working on OM which is less than a week away. Very exciting. My other daughter was invited to spend the night with a friend. She packed her bag and waited downstairs at the specified time. The parents never showed up, never called, nothing. Not cool. I felt so badly for her. I can't believe someone would do it. I mean, why even go to the trouble to call and invite? Anyway, and my four-year-old was fighting off the flu all week-end. Never really getting it but just puny for days.

Everyone keep my OM team in your prayers this week, please. I'm so proud of them and all their hard work. And I'm proud of me for staying hands off even though a couple of weeks ago I didn't think they'd ever get it together. Tomorrow they perform it for some teachers which should be illuminating on many levels. :) It's kind of good for me to be busy while I wait to hear from Henry Holt, etc.

Redneck parenting tip: Sometimes kids just need to have a slug day. We call them 'pajama days' around here and I let them wear their pajamas all day long and watch more than a little television or movies. I'm trying to hard to let everyone rest as much as possible to fight off all the bugs around.

Except, of course, myself. I'm dead. I could use a pajama day. And my vodka tonic really kicked my butt tonight because I was so tired. I should be downstairs cleaning up instead of blogging for my beloved friends, but I'd missed you! Hope you've all had a great week. xoxox

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Dorothy said...

When I was newly single back a few years, I wrote down ten things the Man I wanted to marry had to have. I won't list them, but aside from not being 6'4", the man I met had the other nine. Thing is, I'd written the list a couple of years before and forgotten all about it until I found it in my mess several years after we'd been married. And the other thing is, he found me, I didn't go looking for 'that man.' Guess we get what we really want, and whether it's good for us or bad, is something we have to consider prayerfully.

There, now you have a topic for the bible class you teach.

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