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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day Troubles for Kids

Oh, the Valentine's troubles our children have to face. It's a lot of pressure, you know? Which Spongebob Valentine to give to the girl who likes me when I don't like her back? When Valentine to give to you best pal without seeming sappy? How old is too old to give Valentines? How young is too young to write everyone's name yourself? These issues were just a touch of the angst felt in my household over the past week.

So the verdicts came down. My preschooler had to sign his name on all the valentines, but try the other kids names. Then, I could come help if needed. You have to send a valentine to EVERYONE in the class no matter what. Send your friend one you'd like to receive and find a noncommittal one for the girl in your class who chases you around. Oh, and 6th grade was apparently too old to bring friends valentines.

But all those decisions dissolved this morning. Or at least many of them did. First of all, my older son was tragically running a fever this morning, Valentine's Day. NO ONE wants to miss Valentine's Day, and he was VERY upset. Then, another child decided the valentines she chose for a few classmates were too valentiney, so she had to rework. Then, the preschooler said that valentines weren't from the heart if they weren't homemade and then insisted on MAKING some for his classmates. And lastly, as the horn honked from the carpool for my 6th grader, she ran back in the house and grabbed a whole box of valentines. Guess she's wrote them in the car. So what a morning. I hope everyone gets it all worked out.

I'm, frankly, tired of high pressure holidays. I welcome President's Day on MOnday when I don't even have to open mail. Or St. Patrick's Day when all I need is a little green food coloring to celebrate, well, and beer. But Valentine's? There's so much expectation, even at my age. Some friends have asked, "What are you doing tonight for Valentine's?" Well, to celebrate I'm cooking in the CROCKPOT, so I won't have so much to clean up. I might even spring for paper plates. A dad down the street cooks a full gourmet candlelight dinner for his family. And even worse than what are you doing tonight, is when they ask, "What are you doing for Valentine's Week-end?" WHAT? I mean, come on. I'm supposed to make arrangements for the week-end, now? And these poor men. The pressure to perform under such conditions is unfair and enormous. I'd prefer to have high expectations of them year-round and anything on V.D. is gravy, sweet, yummy gravy. Or maybe I'm just grouchy because I've had hardly any carbs for a week.

Well, my darling readers, I hope you have a happy Valentine's Day, just existing and knowing that you are loved, if by no one else, by me!

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Dorothy said...

You reckon those nice people you visited will ever have you back?

Ah yes, Valentines Day. After exchanging cards in the early morning, we spent the rest of the day getting his heart repaired. That's a pretty good Valentine present for both of us.

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