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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Grateful Wednesday and Redneck Recipes

Wow, Wednesday sure snuck up fast this week. So here are my thanksfuls, to be followed by some redneck recipes for a busy week. Hope you're feeling thankful, too.
1. I'm thankful for this soaking rain to feed my garden and my flowers.
2. I'm thankful for the five little yellow flowers on my tomato plants that tell me tomatoes will soon be here.
3. I'm thankful that my youngest will spend next week with my mom in Georgia. That will help me spend lots of time with the other kids next week and all their end of year activities.
4. I'm thankful that my reign as PTA president is nearly over.
5. I'm thankful that summer is almost here but equally thankful that the kids have another 9 days of school.
6. I'm thankful for my siblings and my sisters-in-law and brothers-in-law.
7. I'm thankful that all the kids have had great years at school this year.
8. I'm thankful for my new writing snack. REgular low-salt almonds mixed with a much smaller can of Planter's dark chocolate covered almonds. Yum.

If you're like us, the last couple weeks of school are as busy as the Christmas season. Teacher gifts, field day, EOGs,boy scout celebration, band concerts, and baseball season. I hate to give the kids hot dogs and frozen pizza for dinner, but when we're on the run, it's hard to cook a really healthy meal. SO I've found a few quickie, short-cut meals that work well for us. I hope you'll enjoy them, too. Some of them include some high-sodium items, as is often found in short-cut cooking, but each meal includes at least one veggie. Also, I like to keep fresh fruit on hand and include at least a couple of apple slices at each meal (although it's also a good time to stock up on the individual packs of applesauce, fruit cups, etc.).
Oh, and the best part of these meals is my kids LOVE them. These are kid-tested and pass with flying colors.
1. Chicken on the grill (or George Foreman or in Broiler). Put chicken breasts in plain italian dressing the night before. Let them marinate all night. You can marinate them for less time, but I like to get my ducks in a row the night before. Serve with Knorr Sides Plus Cheddar Rice with broccoli and carrots or Roasted Chicken Rice with Harvest Vegetables. They're with the dry goods at your grocery store. You just cook with water and a little butter for ten minutes. Plus all the "Sides Plus" include two full servings of veggies. I need two packets for my family. My kids LOVE them, I'm not kidding. Serve chicken over the rice. It's not a perfect meal, but it's quick, easy, and contains veggies. 15 minutes or less.
2. Pick up a packet of (I like Lipton brand) fettuccine alfredo, you know the same kind of thing in an envelope where you just add water or milk. I've also heard good things about the frozen variety but never tried myself. Saute some sliced kielbasa (I like Hilshire Farms lite kielbasa)in a little onion and a lot of sliced green pepper. Then serve over the fettuccine alfredo. Quick and easy.

I know these recipes aren't rocket science. You could have figured them out yourself if you had the TIME, but sometimes it's nice to get a quick, easy idea that requires a small number of ingredients. Plus, they're both inexpensive options. Enjoy!


alison moore said...

1. I'm thankful for the rain today...the long naps, the excuse for not packing the car, the dark and quiet peace.

2. I'm thankful for family and vacations (two of which I get to enjoy beginning tomorrow).

3. I'm thankful for a great friend who welcomed two toddlers into her home for lunch today with only five minutes of warning.

4. I'm thankful for Thankful Wednesdays. maybe I'll enjoy a nap...

Donna Jones Koppelman said...

Hope you have a great trip!

Diane said...

1. I'm thankful I can hop on the internet and know where to go for friendly tips about quick dinners.

2. I'm thankful I'M not the one who said I'd shave my head if enough money was earned for the American Cancer Society (You rock, Principal Harris!)

3. I'm thankful I'M ALSO not the one who allowed any kid who donated to the ACS to duct tape me to the wall, especially since it was later confirmed that duct tape is NOT the answer to everything -- i.e. it does not effectively hold 200 pound men to gym walls (You rock, too, Principal Heard!... but now I know you also swing when semi-taped to gym walls)

4. I'm thankful my kids are now old enough to realize that the year's worth of junk they pull out of their school desks/lockers really is junk and does not need to be kept.

5. I'm thankful for all teachers but especially those who will retire tomorrow.

6. I'm thankful for getting the chance to share how much my high school Journalism teacher meant to me at the Retirement Brunch tomorrow.

7. I'm more thankful that someone else will be reading what I wrote about her.

Isabel by Donna Jones Koppelman

Isabel by Donna Jones Koppelman

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Major Bear at the Grove Park Inn by Donna Jones Koppelman