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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

NC Primary/ Redneck Tips/Joys of a Fog Delay

I'm going to start off with a redneck parenting tip today, lest I forget. It's a good new one I've recently implemented. It's so helpful, so easy, and yes, so redneck. This tip is for those of you who drive a carpool of kids who leave a mess in your car.
1. Keep a bunch of grocery store plastic bags under the seat of your car. When you arrive at pick up every day, take a minute or two to fill a grocery bag with junk from the back seat (for me that includes, McDonald's toys, ANY paper, and trash of all kinds). IF there are any stray jackets, hats or mittens, hang them up in the car on the little knobs by the window (you know what I mean, where you hang your linen dress on the way to a wedding or something). Then, take your bag into pick-up, throw in the trashcan (you may have to locate one the first day, then you know!). Yes, some people will start to notice you with your bag on a daily basis, then they don't think about it again. After a few days, your car will get pretty clean.

I've been writing a ton lately, but not on any one thing. So I'm making SLOW progress on several things instead of concentrating on one. Logic tells me I'm doing it all wrong, but work on one seems to inspire work on another and so on. However, I'm seeing little progress. I don't know how long I can hold up. AND my house is a wreck. As a matter of fact, I need to move on to that soon. No little grocery store bag is going to help this!

Today a box arrived from Barnes and NOble. I've told you before I have a problem, so I must add that I haven't ordered in weeks. I really have been doing better and the book contained a gift, as well, as a few little things for the family. I'd told my boys that if we read poetry every night for the month of April (National Poetry Month) that I'd order them a new poetry book. SO we received Jack Prelutsky's My Dog My Be A Genius today. My five-year-old and I danced around for about five minutes singing silly songs about new books, and I thought, man, life is good. What a precious little guy who loves books as much as me. So we snuggled up on a heating pad on my bed ( a little tradition that began ages ago with my older kids when I was pretty much constantly pregnant), and read, read, read. It was delicious. Now he's napping, and the craziness will begin here soon with carpool and other afternoon activities. But it's a beautiful, almost operatic kind of craziness where everyone knows their part and sails on and off the stage as needed. I stand by the fact that everyone finds joy and comfort in routines.

Who remembers a post months ago about Haley needing Bahamian food for school THAT DAY? She woke me up and asked if we had any food from the Bahamas, and long story short, we kind of did. Which was a small mircle, but ANYWAY, this morning, like five minutes before she's about to leave, she says, "Do you know how to make Norwegian food?" Of course, I said, "NOt that I know of. When do you need it?" Because a mom always knows to ask THAT question.

She said, "Well, kind of today, but since there's a fog delay, maybe not until tomorrow."
So I said, "You know better than to ask at the last minute. Do you think I can come up with food from Norway in five minutes?"
And YOU ALL CAN GUESS WHAT SHE SAID, "Well, last time you did." aaarrrgggg I think I'll go reread that post.

I also go the new Penderwicks. Anyone read it yet? I can't wait. I think I need to use it as a reward for myself from finishing something, though. I've got to get some closure. Anyone out there entering the Writer's Digest contest? I'm working on something, kind of, if you count saying to yourself, "Gotta do something." as working on it. Hmm.

Okay, well this post has been a long rambling thing. I hope you'll forgive me and come back anyway. Share with your friends. xoxox

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