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Monday, November 24, 2008

Lots to Talk About

First of all, my little guy (did I tell you this Friday? sorry if I did) has pneumonia. Of course, it followed my six days away, so I'm feeling massively guilty. He's feeling a lot better, but still has a long way to go. His cough keeps him (and others) up much of the night, and that keeps him from feeling better, I think. Anyway, here we are heading into Thanksgiving week, and I'm not sure what to do. Of course my kiddos are dying to see cousins out of town, but I just don't know that Jon is up to it. Plus, I don't want him to possibly contract something else while he's so puny AND keep everyone up all night when sleeping in close quarters with lots of other sibs and cousins. That points to a day trip, I think, but it prevents us from seeing one set of cousins. What our family really needs is rest. I'm also worried about another kid getting sick. I'm just feeling like a bad mom all the way around, like if we'd just not gone on the trip, or whatever.

On the other end, I've not worked at all. Like almost nothing. My house is a wreck (although getting better today) and I need things from the grocery store, but I'm NOT taking JK out. Plus, his teacher's dad died (and our beloved babysitter's grandfather), and we didn't make the funeral yesterday. Although we did have a breakthrough of another sort yesterday.

Last week at the dental conference we saw this great speaker, Kirk Somebody, I'll get back with you on that detail. Anyway, he talked about balancing work and family, etc. Remember all the blogs I've posted about Sunday not being a day of rest anymore? Well, he had a great suggestion. He said that on Sunday morning, they all get up and go to church, then they come home after church, and the grown-ups put their pajamas back on for the rest of the day. Then they're not tempted to go anywhere or do anything, and if anyone stops by, they get the hint pretty quickly that you're not up for company. Kids can play outside or inside, pajamas or not, but it's a stay home family day.

So yesterday, we came home from church (well, actually I had to go to a soccer tournament, long story) and put on our pajamas. Chris watched football all afternoon, and I cleaned up a little, played chutes and ladders with the kids and checkers with my son. We read some books, and just hung out together. While I felt like I should go to a funeral, I also knew JK needed some cozy company and I wanted to make sure he napped well, etc. So anyway, I recommend you try it. You could even do it on a week night where everyone puts on their pjs right away, and you snuggle in for the night. Let me know if you do it and how it goes.

Lastly, I want you guys to know, I, regrettably, am a NaNoWriMo drop out. I'm sad about it, but I needed to be totally focused on my kiddo (and still do), so I stopped at about 34,000 words, which I'm still pretty proud of. The book is easily 60% complete, and definitely more in my head, so I think I'll do the last two weeks (or 16,000) words starting December 1st. Hopefully, everyone will be better by then. I'm actually kind of proud of myself for quitting because I can be so anal about things like that, finishing what I start at all costs, etc., that it was actually good for me to say to myself, "Love to...can't." My new mantra.

Have a wonderful week. Take time out for grateful wed. What better week to take some time for thankfulness. I'm going to look for LOTS of comments then! xoxox


Anonymous said...

Hey Donna,
I was wondering how you were doing. 34,000 words is nothing to sniff at and you'll get back on track later. Family always comes first. I love your stay home in jammies idea for Sundays, by the way. Gotta try that.


Rebecca said...

NO GUILT. Not allowed. You have a responsibility to your family first (yourself, Chris and the kids). That's your first priority. Everything else, secondary.

We love you.

WordWrangler said...

hey you! I consider your word count an AWESOME accomplishment!
Plus - your confession makes mine much easier. :)

My ODE to NANO by Donna E.

I'm a dropout
yes sir-ee
couldn't stay on top of it
but next year
I'll try again
and wow them with tenacious wit!

That was sad, I know it.

I'm sorry your sweetie is sick. I'm glad, though, that you are finding time to just "be". That is soooo important! Enjoy Thanksgiving, wherever you are! :)


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