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Friday, November 21, 2008

Poetry Friday

And what could be more poetic than SNOW? It has been snowing lovely, large flakes for about three hours here which is remarkable itself given it's only November, and it's the second set of flakes this week. Truly, it's a wonderful thing.

My darling 5YO has pneumonia, so it's been a difficult few days of sickness around here although he's perked up a bit this morning. I really think the snow has helped his general demeanor. His dear godmother brought him a donut this morning, his favorite kind, and he gobbled it up. It's the most he's eaten in days, thank goodness. Whew. I've been very blessed that my kids, overall, are very 'well' kids, you know? We rarely get sick, so not only has this been scary for me, it's also been scary for the sibs. They've all been so sweet to him.

So I'm been thinking about 'easy wind and downy flake' for obvious reasons. Robert Frost really nailed that one. So instead of writing a whole poem today, although you certainly can, I challenge you to come up with some snow phrasing. My artist friend always says paint what you see, and I'd like to employ that here with the small change of WRITE what you see, either out your window or in your mind's eye.
'twirling, whirling freedom flakes rushing to my aid' comes to mind because snow often represents cancellations, lessening of responsibilities
'icy fluffing to top off a lovely winter day', '
Snow reminds me to pause in a season when everything is dying, and remember that the heavens continue to send fresh, new beauty to the earth
Snow feels like a protective covering of beauty, giving us the chance to look inward and upward
Why do cars shush past so fast
Can't they look and see
The gift that's falling 'round, or is it only me?

I know I must pause and visit
Or I will surely miss it
I've learned that from my little ones, you see.

Have a wonderful poetic day. Take a moment and exercise that brain of yours, and don't be afraid to share. We're not about perfection, we're about play. Have a wonderful day. I'm off to snuggle with my sickie. xoxox

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