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Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'm officially a SLOGGER- Redneck Shopping List

I'd like to add a new word to the English language today. Do you think Webster's will pick up on it, and add it to the new list for this year? Anyway, here it is: SLOGGER.
SLOGGER n. origin-American slang. Slack blogger. A person who doesn't keep up his or her blog responsibilities. Ex: This past week, I've been a slogger since I've fallen behind on my blog.

What do you think? Good word, eh? I'm very sorry that I've been a slogger, but I have to think that perhaps a slack blogging week was neccessary for this important word to be born. One day we'll look back and wonder what we ever said BEFORE slogger. Slogger represents the current culture of overcommitted people and flawed technology that sometimes prevents even the most well-intentioned blogger from keeping up. Here's the thing, we may all be a slogger at some time or another. So I forgive myself and hope you'll forgive me, too.

As the holidays approach this economically difficult year, I just have to make a Redneck Shopping List for Dollar Tree. Honestly, I've found some very cool things there that YOU should rush out and find, too. Since I'm sure we all agree that it's the thought that counts, anyone out there who has received one of these items should NOT be offended if you received a gift from the Dollar Tree. The whole point is that these are cool items that happen to be at the Dollar Tree.

Redneck Shopping List for the Dollar Tree:
1. Sprinkles. They have this HUGE jar of sprinkles. Also cinnamon sugar. Perfect for your Christmas cookie needs, especially if you have little ones who spill them all the time.
2. Ribbon and gift bags. They have giant, bike-sized gift bags. Giant, bike-sized stockings (I kid you not). They have small cellophone bags with cute Christmas prints (yes, they're actually pretty cute) in packs of 30 for $1. These bags are great for treats or small loaves of pumpkin bread for your neighbors. As for the ribbon, exact same stuff as in other stores, but 1/3 the price.
3. Candles. If you have a hankering for a little gingerbread candle or sugar cookie scent, but you don't want to commit to a $15 candle, this is your place. An assortment would be a cute teacher's gift, especially if you have older kids with six teachers!!
4. Crackers for all those Christmas parties. Honestly, they have great gourmet water crackers there for 1/4 the price.
5. ALL TIME BEST COOL THING OF ALL- Wine bottle labels. Say you want to bring a bottle of wine as a house gift at a Christmas party or for a Christmas gift. These nifty and good looking labels say things like Mistle-Tonic and Scrooge's Elixir, and you can get a pack of 8 for $1. Honestly, they're terrific. You won't believe how nice they are.

Rush right out to your Dollar Tree and if you find anything else good, report back here. Remember, it's the thought that counts and aren't we more cheerful givers when we've found a BARGAIN? xoxox

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Anonymous said...

i just saw chris when we were leaving gran's....he was turning into the dollar general...did you send him with this list???:):)


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