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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Where's Yesterday?

Okay, I have been behind but not THIS behind. I posted yesterday (that's when I posted the Polar Plunge pic). Why doesn't my post appear now?

Anyway, I wanted to share something hilarious with you. Hopefully my kids won't find out- ha ha. Last week-end, we had a major family dilemma. It was my son's 6th birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. He only took a couple of friends, it was mostly a family thing. But then the Polar Plunge, which my daughter had been planning with her friends for weeks, was moved to the SAME DAY. Also, my daughter's friend who had moved away was coming to visit that week-end for her birthday! So, we had a family dilemma. She couldn't do it all, so we had her write an essay presenting her point. Here it is:

Dear Mother and Father,
As you already know, I have two events this week-end. Both are equally important but as you also may know, I would like to go to the Polar Plunge over my brother's birthday party.
One reason that I should go to the Polar Plunge over J's birthday party is because I have been planning this for a very long time with my friends. We have had t-shirts made. Also, I have already raised my money.
Another reason I would prefer the Polar Plunge is because one of my old friends that I haven't seen since October will be at the Polar Plunge but not at the pre-party.
Finally, I have called EW (a friend) and asked if it would be already if I could come over to her house after the Polar Plunge until you and the family get home from the birthday party (Chuck E. Cheese's is an hour away). It is alright with her mom! Thank you for letting me go to the pre-party, but I hope you'll let me go to the polar plunge, too.
Your loving daughter, HK

As you can see from the pic, we let her go, and she made the front page of the paper! So tonight my second daughter is begging to go see Ty Pennington's Extreme Home Makeover in our area instead of school. Not only would she miss school, but she'd miss going to her sister's Om tournament. So here's her letter, addressed to her dad because he's not here right now:

Dear Dearest Father,
In my opinion, going to "Move that Bus" is definitely a good way to spend my time. Sure, supporting H in OM is a good idea, too, but think of it. A poor man and his family hardly have a good home. In addition to that, he only has one leg! Going to the Move That Bus is supporting him, his family and friends. The poor man is so unfortunate. The least I could do is support him. Yes, Haley has worked for a year, but they have worked their whole life! Not to mention that I'm sure H would rather spend this experience with her OM team, considering it is THEIR competition.
Sincerely, Your only daughter (besides H)
P.S. Don't you think you should reward me for making such good grades?

We haven't decided about the last one yet. Any opinions? At any rate, I thought you'd find them funny.


Dorothy said...

Cute. They're getting to the age when they're going to be going more and more in different directions.

If you can keep that "family day" thing you do, and eat most meals together, I don't see why they shouldn't be allowed to go to things they REALLY want to go to. Otherwise, they'll resent having to go to whatever it is they don't want to go to.

alison said...

Oh my, those are two convincing papers. The second does not address really how H feels about the situation. I'd like to learn more about that. I'd probably be persuaded. After all, it is a needy family ;). As far as letter's a must!

Thanks for sharing. I miss seeing MS writing/thinking!

alison said...

Oh, almost forgot. LOVE the picture. Is that the one from the front page? The t-shirts are adorable. I'd love a copy. Hope the b-day party was a blast.

Liz said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these letters! You MUST save them.

WordWrangler said...

LOVE these letters. I might have to employ this tactic with my own kids.

and yeah - let her go. How often does a kid get a chance to see Ty? :)

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Isabel by Donna Jones Koppelman

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