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I write to serve, to unite, to educate. I write to share literature and flesh out ideas that may be of interest to others. I write to document an emotion, experience, or a blip in time. My mission is to write in such a way that the reader is reminded that we can find humor in all situations. It's one of the great blessings of life.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Grateful Wed, Cute Sonic Girl, Kindle

Another beautiful morning. And no swimming again. My dear YS has an ear infection, so we'll just look at the water again today. Sorry I didn't post yesterday. It was crazy. YS was up all night with his ear, then we spent half the day at the urgent care center and filling prescriptions. ( The urgent care center in Nags Head is awesome, btw.) Then, the boys and I painted for hours. It was so much fun. I wish I had another canvas.

Have any of you ever used those cleansing detox foot pads? There were some on sale at the drugstore yesterday when we picked up my son's prescription, so I got them. There's something so freaky and wierd about checking out the toxins in your body. It's just a little too much like looking at your own poop. Anyway, I slept with them on my feet last night, and then admired the enormous amount of toxins in my body. Must have been that Sonic cheeseburger last night. Good thing I didn't have fries-ha.

BTW, speaking of Sonic...we have all these DARLING kids from the Ukraine working all up and down the beach in the summertime. They're beautiful and smart and pleasant and helpful (all things American workers seem NOT to be lately, by their own choice and freedom of expression). Anyway, the girls are gorgeous. No kidding. So we drive through Sonic last night to pick up some cheeseburgers to eat on the beach. WE have a coupon, of course, and my husband is driving, thus ordering. He does a great job on the little speaker, but then we get to the window. This absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous blonde is leaning out the pick up window (get my drift) with her little tank top on, all that gorgeous skin, flirtatious smile and my husband literally starts to stammer. I'm cracking up over on my side of the car. My boys in the back just say, "Wow." Chris can hardly talk he's so blindsided. She leans out to hand him a drink, and he nearly drops it. I had to reach over and grab it. I'm trying not to look because it's just so painful, plus I'm about to die laughing. Then, I hear her say, "Sir, you already gave me a credit card." Chris is babbling like an idiot. It was hilarious. I don't think I've ever seen him like that. So of course, we had to tease him all night. Remember in the movie YOU'VE GOT MAIL (one of my all time faves), when Greg Kinnear's character is taken with the interviewer and says, "Thank Your," instead of "Thank You." Anyway, it reminded me of that. Very funny.

I'm a little concerned about Kindle. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my kindle. But Amazon has done two things in the past week that have disturbed me.
#1. In the middle of the night last week, Kindle removed a few select George Orwell novels from the Kindles of thousands of people (and refunded them, of course). It seems they were made available mistakenly and needed to be 'recalled'. I get all that. But there was no notice that it was going to happen, just poof, it's gone. And the irony isn't lost on me. I mean, George Orwell writing disappears in the middle of the night courtesy of Big Brother? I mean, I KNEW they knew everything on my kindle, but this is just a very creepy reminder of how un-private our world has become.
#2. I saw a new release novel for $14+. Ouch. C'mon, Kindle. I've sung your praises up and down about the most expensive book at $9.99. What's up with the $14 new release, eh? I just hope it's not a trend. NO ONE wants publishing houses to make money more than me, but you have to admit, there's very little overhead in a Kindle product production-wise. There's still plenty of cash in there to pay your people, especially when you consider that you'll probably sell more books when this Kindle thing totally kicks in because people will still recommend books like crazy,but they can't pass them on. They have to be purchased again.

Grateful Wednesday
1. I am grateful for Natalie Goldberg, whose writing on writing is keeping me from the great, dark abyss.
2. I am grateful for my friend, Jody, who also keeps me going when it's hard.
3. I am grateful for a healthy family and precious children who grow more every day.
4. I am grateful for this stunningly beautiful day outside.
5. I am grateful that our dear friends are coming this week-end. I CAN'T WAIT to see them.
6. I am grateful that I get to pick HG up at camp tomorrow and visit HM while I'm there.
7. I am grateful for a little slower schedule the early part of this week to rest and recover from all the craziness. It's been fun, but I needed a slow couple of days.
8. I am grateful for my husband who fixed the vaccuum cleaner, and the countless other things he does, the least of which is love ME.
9. God's constant grace, mercy and direction for my life. He amazes me every day.

Okay, I could go on and on, but I need to take my poor dogs out and get another cup of coffee.

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