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Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Love

My oldest son is experiencing love for the first time. He has his first cyber-girlfriend. No kidding. We're not real big into computer games and things like that, but we do let the boys go on this site called TOON TOWN. It's a virtual Disney World where they can create a character that runs around and does all kinds of things. The part I like about this game (in addition to the fact that the graphics are amazing) is that they can play with other kids. As in, "Hey, William. Meet me on Toon Town at 4:30" and their characters can run around together. It's pretty cool. Well, my son "Little Joe" has made a new friend. They've been meeting on a pretty regular basis on Toon Town and even making dates to meet again. Her name is Princess Libby. So this morning at breakfast, his little brother ratted him out.

"B has a girlfriend."
B turns red but insists it's not a real girlfriend. But he's turning red, so of course, I have to ask.

They explain it to me, and I'm dumbfounded. B is all embarrassed, red-faced and obviously quite taken with Princess Libby. How can it be? She's some kind of cyber-creature? Is this healthy? Shouldn't his first love be on the playground? Or in carpool? He hasn't even SEEN this girl, for goodness sakes. He's never heard her voice or admired the length of her ponytail. How can he blush about that???

The world is changing, my friends, and I don't know if I get it. It makes me feel terribly old. THAT and the fact that every day some celebrity or public figure dies that I identify with. Are there lots of people dying lately, or is that what happens when you get older? Do you suddenly recognize the name of every dead person in the obits or on the news? I remember when these announcements were full of nameless, faceless people. Now they all wrote a song I roller skated to or have been in office since I was in high school or something like that. Sheesh.

And I played golf tonight. Just 9 holes, but my first game in 12 years. It felt great. I've got to get out again soon. My goal is to NOT go 12 years again. I'm tired of setting hard goals that make me feel bad when I don't meet them. So that one should be okay.

Thanks for all the great reading lately and good comments! I LOVE it when you interact with me. xoxox

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