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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dreams and Plug it in

It's a gray day outside, which I actually love. Though we have three soccer games in the family today, the gray is still nice. (it's not raining, so we'll still have soccer) A gray day like today makes me want to stay inside and read a banned book! Okay, well, read any book. Or maybe write a book. Hmmm....

So last night we attended a wedding rehearsal and then the dinner afterward. It was very nice and fun to meet new people. IT's so interesting to learn all the many ways people live their lives. We seem ordinary, average to me, but there are so many lifestyles out there--I mean, what is ordinary anymore? A wedding is such a lovely time to see two families become one.

I've been having crazy dreams all week. In one dream I went to my husband's office and gave everyone a back massage. Then my friend Tracy walked in and said, wait, I need it more than them, so I gave her one. I was using one of those hand held massage things that Brookstone carries. Then another night I dreamed that I was walking on this deserted beach except every time I'd look down at a shell or out at the ocean, someone would appear on the beach. And it was always someone I knew. By the end of the dream, the beach was full of all these people I know. It really annoyed me, too, because I had been all psyched to be on this deserted beach and now all these people are there.

I think I had these dreams because i feel like every minute of every day someone is standing there waiting for SOMETHING. (any thoughts, Liz? (our resident dream interpreter) Whether it's a kid, a husband, school, church, Bible study, a telemarketer,family, whatever...there's always so much more to do. There's never really an end like there was in college or when I was teaching. I never have any closure on anything, you know? But I enjoy all these things and I want to give, believe me, I know that I am very blessed and I want to give back. Do you know that song that says: I have been blessed now I want to be a blessing. I have been changed, now I want to bring change. I've been invited, I wanna share the invitation. etc. I love that. Because it's so true. Pass it on, baby. I have a few friends who have become 'empty nesters' this year, then other friends who have just had babies, and I'm so thrilled to be in the stage I'm in with my kids. They're just so much fun yet no diaper changing or nighttime feedings.

I read somewhere that the author of Twilight dreamed the story then woke up and wrote it. How cool is that? Never have I been more amazed at the success of a book/series than that one. It's not even that well-written, the characters are a bit hard to digest, but the emotion is strong enough to carry the whole thing. And dreams are like that. The emotional intensity is what carries them through. You're so plugged into the scene in a dream, not in real life where there's distractions. My husband and I talk about that a lot--being in the present and plugged in at all times. (I mean plugged in to the situation, the people around you, not into your cell, ipod or laptop)

Anyway, now I'm rambling, so let me wrap up. Pay attention to your dreams. What do they mean? And PLUG in today with your kids, your spouse, your family. Give them your full focus, your undivided attention. Love 'em up.

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