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Monday, September 14, 2009

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby

Through a combination of circumstances, I stumbled upon some really great books for kids about sex. After a great deal more research and study, I settled on four books--one for each kid. My husband called home from work today, and we had a conversation that went something like this.
Me: The sex books came in today.
Him: The sex books?
Me: Yeah, remember I ordered those books.
Him: You did? Wow.
Me: If you come home for lunch, you can check them out.
Him: I will definitely come home for lunch. Let me go check my patients. Click. (from his tone, I realized that he didn't remember me ordering these sex books for the kids. He thinks they're for him or something. I don't know WHAT he thinks. It's not like I've ever ordered sex books before....)

So I figure I'd better call him back or I'll have to make more than a sandwich at lunch.
Me: Those sex books are for the kids.
Him: Oh. (sounding so disappointed that I feel kind of bad for him--poor guy)

Anyway, tomorrow I will post these books. They're great. My 6 YO particularly liked his. When I turned my back for a minute, half the kids in the neighborhood were checking them out. I hope their parents don't mind, but they're intended for children (the one they were reading is intended for 7-9 year olds and they're twelve, so they were well old enough). It's funny how the kids act all indifferent, but then the first chance they get, they swipe the books and run outside to look at them. They're not actually about sex, more about where do babies come from, changing bodies, etc., but good art.

I'm posting my blog 12 hours later than usual, and that's about how behind I'm running today. Ha. But I'm nearly finished with Studydork's editing...I took Jerry Spinelli's advice today and took one of my characters for a cup of coffee and interviewed her. It was very interesting. Surprising, even.

Soup night is starting to feel sacrificial. At first I was worried that the kids were too excited about Campbell's soup to really feel like it was giving, but tonight everyone was, like, "Can we have cheese and crackers? Can we have dessert? Can we have grilled cheese?"

Well, our agreement was just crackers and soup, but I said we could discuss making a small change to soup night if everyone was in agreement. The only rule was that we couldn't make changes ON soup night. We have to make a good decision looking at the big picture. But I'll tell you, I'm really hungry right now. And have I made a mistake on this? Is it sacrificial if I'M holding them to it? Well, they're not asking to quit or anything. I'm obsessing because I'm hungry, perhaps. Well, God bless all those folks who need the food pantry and our donations. I'm a big baby to even mention that I feel a teeny bit hungry tonight. I mean, how often do I really experience hunger? Now I'm disgusted with myself.

Okay, have a great Monday night. I'm SO GLAD it's football season again. Go Vikings! Tomorrow my oldest son is 9. I can't believe it.

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