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Friday, September 18, 2009

Operation Yes by Sara Lewis Holmes

Okay, by now you may be sick of me plugging this book, but please don't be. Give me one more chance to explain why you should read it. Sometimes my brain likes order in the ways of persuasion, so I'll give you some order.
Reasons to Read Operation Yes:
1. It's timely. It depicts a completely different side of the war in Iraq--the military kids who are at home on base.
2. It's unlike anything you've ever read before. From the setting on an air force base to the teacher who's into improvisational theatre--it's something new.
3. It's a wonderful story with exceptionally well-drawn characters.
4. It would be a great read aloud for a class, a family, and a really good gift book for that kid on your list.
5. The protag is a boy! A great, well-drawn, fun male protag is sometimes hard to find in a middle grade book. Boys are going to love Bo, the main character, and they will definitely relate to his struggles.
I should also mention that if you like this book (duh, of course you will!), you might also want to check out Sara's other book LETTERS FROM RAPUNZEL, another excellent mg read.

Boeuf Bourgignon was interesting. First of all, it was somewhat of an undertaking. Cleaning all those tiny onions was a major pain, but they were totally worth it. Lots of chopping and slicing, but I was listening to my book, so I was able to do two things at once. It smelled AMAZING while it was cooking. Even the UPS guy who came to my gate yesterday commented on the smell coming from my kitchen! Truly, it was the best-smelling thing I've ever cooked. And it tasted good, too. The kids and my husband loved it. After smelling it half the day, I kind of felt like I'd already eaten when I sat down to the table, but it was still good. Would have been good with mashed potatoes. Wish I'd thought of that.

I'm kind of into smells. I've always had a sensitive nose. And I've found this new scent from Bath and Body Works that is awesome. Now I don't usually like these things, most scented candles, etc. just make me hungry or they're too flowery or corny or something, but this new hand soap and candle I have is just great. Don't laugh, but since I've had this scent in the house, I've been more productive and in a better mood. Does that sound crazy? It kind of does. But it's true. So I hope it lasts--the scent AND its effects. And now I'm starting to wonder. Do different scents trigger different parts of our psyche? This scent, for example, seems to motivate me to get things done, clean the house, even wake up early. Sounds ridiculous, but I wonder if there could be any scientific truth to it. I'm going to do a little research and get back to you.
Remember yesterday when I said it had been a whole week without a rejection letter? Well, I spoke too soon. But I got a FABULOUS rejection letter yesterday, so it was okay. Another editor who liked it, doesn't think it fits their list, but would like to see more. Yee haw! Studydork is going to be ready to go out very soon. Many thanks to Jody, Liz, and Michelle who are doing a read for me.

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alison said...

I'm dying to know....what is the candle scent? I need to put it on my bedside table.

Walt is really into scents too. His teacher made moon rocks for them yesterday. He called her out b/c the first thing he did was smell it and knew it had been spray painted! Too funny.

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