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Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Smattering of Things

I was up late last night scrubbing all the bathtubs and dusting upstairs. I'm already feeling the pressure of things getting busy and heating up. When I walked into school the other day, no less than FIVE people asked me to do something this week. Then later at church, I got myself into a few more things, as well. If I stay at home, this can't happen. That sounds really selfish and awful, but I'm feeling overwhelmed. Realistically, I'd like to spend three hours a day on my work which is a cut from what I did the first few weeks of school, but I was staying up until all hours and had more time on the week-ends. Now soccer is about to kick up (ha pun intended). Okay, I'm sure you're all so interested in this, so let me move on.

My kids have a LOT of homework. A LOT. It's kind of ridiculous. My oldest daughter comes home from soccer practice and works straight until 10:00 every night (she does break for a shower and dinner) when we make her go to bed. At what point, do we, as parents, have a responsibility to go to bat for the needs of the kid. I really think kids need free time, run around time, play time in the afternoon because play time is learning for kids. Plus, it's down time. I'm worried that this mountain pressure is being felt by my kids as much as me. At least their sports are, like, protected play time. We have to be there, so everything takes back seat while they run around for a while. Some days, lots of days, they need that running around more than hours of homework.

I'm finished with my novel and several people are reading it right now (including my husband which is hilarious). It makes me a little nervous knowing people are looking at my baby without me there. Does that make sense? After nearly a year of birthing this book, it seems odd for it to be out there alone. I feel vulnerable and a little scared. BUT I'm open to criticism of any kind, of course. Feedback is the breakfast of champions. But still.

I'm reading NEW RECRUIT by Sara Lewis Holmes, a friend. This book got a STARRED REVIEW this week (woo hoo, Sara!), and I'm so thrilled for Sara. I broke down and actually BOUGHT this book (it wasn't offered on kindle!!!) because Sara wrote it and I've been excited to read it. I read about half last night, and I'll be writing about it in the next couple of days. I can already tell you, you're going to want to look for it.

It's been a week with no rejection letters. Yee haw! AND lots of blog comments (thank you all so much!! xoxox) and tonight I am really making Boeuf Bourgignon. Those of you who saw Julie and Julia know the significance of this. Funny enough, I joked about making it last week and several people called to see how it went. So I decided that I REALLY needed to make it. And I must confess, that I've craved it since seeing the movie. Even the burnt version looked good to me. ha ha

Anyone out there made it? Please send me some advice and encouragement, so I don't back out. I found the little onions and they are just darling. I can already tell it's going to LOOK good anyway.

One more thing. I am wearing leggings today. Yes, leggings. I am 40 years old and I'm wearing leggings. I'm not sure about it, I have to say, and they're topped with a long top/short dress (who knows which?). On one hand I feel ridiculous, on the other hand I feel young because I spent a lot of time in leggings and stirrup pants as a teen-ager. But here's the main thing, I'd forgotton how comfortable they are! OMIGOSH, they're like long johns or pajamas. I might soon be wearing them every day. The only problem is they're so stretchy and comfy that I feel sure I could gain 30-40 pounds and not even notice if I was wearing these every day. That can't be good. And again, I might just be too old for this. Maybe I'll take a picture, and you guys can tell me if I'm too old to be wearing this.

Now I'm obsessing. At least I should obsess over something productive, like the MESS IN MY KITCHEN or the BREAKFAST FOOD I'm supposed to bring to Bible study in ONE HOUR! We're starting Beth Moore's new program, ESTHER, today. I'm looking forward to it.

Have a GREAT day, everyone. xoxox


Dorothy said...

40 is just a number. If you feel you look okay and you like leggings, wear them.

Beef B. Easy. Good dish to make for a dinner for 8 because you set it and forget it. It's the Burgundy wine that does the trick. Good luck.

Third...what do you mean she's got a thrid book out? I have been morose all week over the ALA review Sara got on Operation Yes. It sounds so good. My problem is this: you met her two years ago (?) and she was working on Rapunzel, got none other than Cheryl Klein as editor and now has a new book out while I sit here messing around with one of the same two I started on five years ago. Ridiculous! I'm feeling very in over my head and wondering. I'm hoping your cheerleading book gets some good news and also Pillow. That will cheer me no end.

Claudia said...

Okay Donna, I thought you looked adorable in your leggings and long top, and will confess to feeling envious of your ease of movement.


Liz said...

You looked ab fab in the leggings. I'm 42 and would definitely wear them (well when a drop some more lbs).

Have a great weekend- I'm off to The City.


Laura P said...

Volunteering. If your heart is telling you that you need to work/write instead of volunteering for everything, should you follow it? Maybe when you tell the next person "no", they'll ask someone who'll benefit more from volunteering. Sometimes people get asked first because they're more outgoing/outspoken, so they're thought of first. Don't feel guilty about following your heart.

Homework. YUCK! Why can't the teachers give a quick quiz at the end of the class and figure out WHO needs the homework and who doesn't? What a great incentive to pay attention in class. Can't stand the busy work. Kids need free play, social time & exercise so much more. I think nurturing creativity is so much more important that perfecting some skills and memorizing facts.

Leggings. Go girl! Be comfortable. You can have fashion and comfort. You're never too old or too young. Have fun with your clothes. Check out what Denise has designed at &

Edenton Women in Discipleship said...

Thanks, Laura P. What a chock-filled comment. I like the quiz idea. I'm going to check out Denise's site. Any coffee-colored clothes? (re: a post I made about two weeks ago...)

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Isabel by Donna Jones Koppelman

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