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Monday, October 26, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are and Jumped by Rita Williams-Garcia

WHO has seen Where the Wild Things Are? I'm dying to discuss it here, but it's such a new release that I don't want to spoil it for anyone. Except to say that it's MMM MMM Good.

Weather has shifted to cool and windy. We're at the cottage because kids had a teacher workday today and if everyone feels well enough we'll go to the aquarium on the way home. Even though my OS has been sick and my OD went off with a friend yesterday and last night, we've had a good week-end watching football, playing cards and enjoying family time. My husband and OD worked Friday and Saturday at a free dental clinic offered here in Dare County. I was so proud of my OD who worked tirelessly alongside her dad, assisting him both days. I think she really got a lot out of it, and I know my DH did. I'm grateful for any real opportunity for kids to look outside themselves and be helpful. AS I've discussed on this blog before, kids are smart. You can't simulate real need. I mean, they know that the world isn't going to crash down if they don't make their bed and it's hard to convince them otherwise.

The tour is coming up and our house is on it this year. I was thinking it might be funny to post some before pictures on here soon. Remember, don't let your small children see without supervision. Some of the pictures might be frightening.

Speaking of frightening, Halloween is coming and I need to get everyone lined up for a costume check. So far, one child has ruined his costume, so I told him he'll have to get creative with the pieces left behind. Should be interesting. What are the hot costumes this year? I haven't even heard.

Okay, one book talk today. JUMPED by Rita Williams-Garcia was the only ya book nominated for the National Book Awards that was available on kindle, so I was "reading in under a minute" as the site says. I literally gasped, "Wow," after the first page. The setting is urban, gritty and the voice is street-smart, smart-ass and you can tell she's been on her own way too long. The basic premise is this: After a girl "disrepects" another girl in the hall at school, the offended one promises to beat up the other one. Now like I said, this story is tough with language and violence yet the voices are still vulnerable and endearing. It's a masterpiece. Fast-paced and poetic, I found myself reading parts of it aloud to savor the voice. I plan to track down anything else I can find from this author. Check it out. I would especially recommend to someone who teaches in an environment such as this. It rang true to me. Good stuff.

Have a great day.

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