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I write to serve, to unite, to educate. I write to share literature and flesh out ideas that may be of interest to others. I write to document an emotion, experience, or a blip in time. My mission is to write in such a way that the reader is reminded that we can find humor in all situations. It's one of the great blessings of life.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Slow Parenting

While waiting with my son at the doctor's office yesterday, I read an interesting article in a parenting magazine. It was about the new trend of 'Slow Parenting'. Like me, you might immediately assume this is about mentally challenged people reproducing, but it's not. It's a new trend (supposedly) that will undo and counteract the last ten years of parenting trends. It's the opposite of French lessons at age 4 and hyperscheduling children to take additional academic training after school, playing five sports, etc. It's the idea that, hey, we need to slow down, let kids be kids, and give them time to do so. It's also the idea that all the early gunner academics don't necessarily pan out in a positive way. Apparently the term "Slow Parenting" derived from the hot new term in the food industry which is "Slow Dining"--a trend that is trying to bring back the dining out experience as opposed to just an excellent meal. I'm definitely in favor of Slow Parenting AND Slow Dining. I'd like to add a few things to that list:
1. Slow Church Activities (Be still and know that I am God, anyone?)
2. Slow Homework (How about let's allow the kids to play outside after school instead of doing homework for hours!!!)
3. Slow Birthday Parties (I have to admit, it has gotten better lately, but the over-the-top birthday parties were really wearing me down there for a while)
4. Slow Christmas Shopping (Let's not ask everyone what they want and feel like we have to check off a list of requests--let's choose something we think they'll love and see what happens....bring back the surprises!)
5. Slow Cooking (get out your crock pot! I just had to add that b/c I love my crock pot)
6. Slow week-ends (Don't plan everything to the hilt!)

So after thinking about that article all night last night, I open the newpaper this morning and see ANOTHER interesting article that kind of goes with it. Get this: the Baby Einstein people are willing to give you a refund on your Baby Einstein videos if-get this--your kid didn't turn out to be a genius. This is true, people. Isn't that hilarious? It was in the paper this morning along with the address where you could send the videos to get the refund. I can't even tell you how hilarious that it to me. I mean, did ANYONE really think it would make their kid a genius? Or maybe they're banking on the fact that every parent THINKS their kid is a genius. Now that just might work.

Have a great week-end. Be safe, and gather up those old Baby Einstein videos and get your refund. Unless, of course, your kid IS a genius.


Liz said...

You know I love the slow parenting idea. I love that term for it!

I saw that about Baby Einstein. I have decided NOT to ask for a refund and not because my children are geniuses. But because we still love the Christmas one. No kidding- my 10 and 8 year old still put that one on during the Christmas season. I have fond memories of B.E.!!

Anonymous said...

How about Slow Writing. Where you just sit and stare at your computer for five hours.

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Isabel by Donna Jones Koppelman

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