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Monday, November 16, 2009

Disney Highlights

I'm back, and I missed you. I hope you all had a wonderful week and week-end., We returned from Disney yesterday, and I'm going to tell you, there's no tired like Disney tired. It's right up there with new baby tired. We are all still exhausted, I think. My poor first grader was nearly cross-eyed this morning. We put the boys in bed around 6:45 last night, but they probably didn't go to sleep until about 7:15 because they were in there crying. Yes, crying. The conversation went like this:
YS: No more fireworks!
Both of them wail.
OS: No more cool desserts.
More wailing.
YS: No more towels folded into little ducks and mickey ears.
Moaning and sobbing.
OS: No more boat rides into the park.
They're really crying now, and my husband and I are laughing so hard, we can hardly stand it (eavesdropping from the hallway, of course).
YS: No more characters to sign our books. Or princesses. Or rides.
OS: Next time we go, I might be in PUBERTY.
All out sobbing, complete with hiccups.
YS: I love Disney World. Even if it makes you really tired.
OS: Yeah. Disney is the best.

Then this morning at the breakfast table, I heard my YS whisper to a sib, "This food is rotten compared to Disney food."

"Yeah," she agreed.

Taking them to Disney World is a little bit like camp, they love it so much and have so much fun, but it does make them a little discontent upon re-entry. But isn't that what a good vacation does? I'm not sure. At any rate, Disney rocks. I hope that all that Figment (love him, he's my favorite character and entirely too low profile, if you ask me) will get my imagination rolling. The funniest thing about disney is listening to all the other exhausted parents. Here are some great quotes we heard that Chris and I keep saying to each other:

Tired Dad: Fine. Eat every damn thing on the dessert buffet. Just don't vomit on me or your mother.

Tired Mom: Didn't someone say there was a spa around here?

TD (to three preschoolers): We paid for the meal plan. We're using it. We're not leaving the park until you've all had three more snacks.

TM: Stop climbing on the bars. Get off the bars. Stop climbing on the bars. Stop, get, what did I say to you?
Confused kid who has truly not heard a thing she said: You're riding with Daddy, and I'm riding with my brother.

Kid: Is this better than your job?
TD: Yeah, kiddo. Way better.

Kid: Did Mickey and Minnie get married:
TM: Yes.
Kid: Then why do they have different houses?
TM: One's a vacation house.
Kid: And Donald lives on a boat? Maybe he should marry Minnie. He needs a house.

TD (coming out of the bathroom with his three-year-oldish son--talking to his wife and handing her a little belt): WHY do you put a belt on a three year old? He can't buckle it. I can't buckle it. Do we want to spend all day buckling a tiny belt?
TM: I don't want to carry a belt around all day. Put it back on him.
TD: I'm the one taking him to the bathroom. Give it to me.
He throws the belt in the trash can.
TM: Wait! (she digs it out) Aw, ketchup.
Unfortunately, I didn't get to hear the end of that one, but I'll bet it was good.

TM in Epcot: Now this is GErmany.
Kid: Germany of America?
TM: No, Germany of Europe. Not America.
Kid: We're not in America? They talk just like us.

Okay, I could go on and on, but I'll relieve you. I just want to leave you with a few thoughts:

Songs you can't get out of your head at Disney World:
1. It's a small world
2. Carousel of Progress song (It's a great big beautiful tomorrow...)
3. Under the Sea(little mermaid)
4. Circle of Life (Lion King)
5. Be Our Guest (Beauty and the Best)
Truly, they just play those four songs over and over. That's it. And mostly #2.

Okay, one more. A family of six is standing in a circle right in the middle of the throughway. They're staring at a large chocolate chip cookie.
TD: It was $3. Someone pick it up.
Kid: Dad, gross. It's dirty.
Another kid: And kind of smushed.
Youngest kid (crying): I really wanted that cookie.
Dad grabs the cookie and brushes it off. Other kids groan and turn away. Dad says: Eat it or I will.
YK: Hey, it's good. (then glares at Mom like why haven't you let me do this all along?)

Lastly, the BEST attraction at Disney is, imho, an adult attraction called JELLYROLLS. Yes, I know the name conjures up the prostitute in Look Homeward, Angel, but it's actually the most awesome dueling piano bar ever. If you go to Disney, you must go. But you'll be like me, the only parent returning from Disney with a hangover and three hours sleep because you'll be hooked. The musical talent in the room is unbelieveable.

Have a great week. Those of you in Nano, stay with it. This is when things get interesting. I promise.

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Dorothy said...

I can only think of that song as, It's a small, SMALL world.

Thanks for the funny report. You missed some lousy weather up here. Hope it was better in FLA.

I'm out of Onward.

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Isabel by Donna Jones Koppelman

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