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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Glitch City

It's been DAYS since I've been with you, and oh, how I've missed you. Sometimes I live my life in a blogosphere, a parallel universe, that only sees things through the eyes of a blogger. I can't tell you how many times in the last week something has happened, and I've wanted to rush and blog about it. Except life got in the way. Which is how it should be, really. I shouldn't neglect life to blog, now, should I?

SO, my life has been one big Glitch City this past week. There is a major glitch in my e-mail account. Don't know how or why, but if you've emailed me something at my account in the past week, FORGET IT. I didn't get it. Hope it wasn't important. I'm now using an account at yahoo, so contact me to get that info if you don't have it. I'd post it here but that darn Fahri would probably contact me there, too.

There's a major glitch in my hot water heater. As in, no hot water. The plumber has come, the electrician has come, but no one seems to know what's the matter. I can smack the side of it, Arthur Fonzarelli-style, and it works for a little while, but that's not a long term solution. Plus, it takes twenty minutes from the successful smack (which can take a few minutes itself, and doesn't seem quite safe) to actually have hot water.

There's a glitch in my heat. We have no heat downstairs. It works for a minute, but then it trips off. So I could stand there all day and turn it back on over and over again, but I have other things to do. Thankfully, the staff party for Chris's office had enough people present yesterday to heat the downstairs all on its own, but we did have to boil water to wash dishes. How annoying is that?

So I hope I don't like a complainer, because honestly, these things haven't been too debilitating, just annoying. Kids are so excited about school things this week and Christmas coming that they haven't noticed the lack of hot water or heat. (We've had fires in the fireplace and extra blankets have done the trick at night)

My SIL called from Alaska yesterday to say she'd found a bunch of those fake hamster things that are supposed to be the big gift this year, did we want any? No one's asked for that, thank goodness, but now I'm kind of curious to see them. What a wierd thing to catch on, you know? At any rate, I **think** I've got everything under control in that department. I wish I could discuss more of this here, but I'm afraid of prying eyes. Any wierd requests in your house? Any fake hamster lovers lurking about? Anyone buy a boat load of Tiger Woods paraphenalia for your golfer husband? Anyone getting resort wii because I'm dying to play it? I can come help do a test run for you.

At any rate, I'm off to school to help with parties, etc. Have fun these final days before the BIG DAY. Oh, and I recommend Let your kid put their hand on your computer and have the naughty or nice meter see how he or she's doing. Pretty fun.

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