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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Honorable Mention !!! A two hour delay and seals on the Outer Banks???

First of all, my sweet six-year-old was SO excited because he got an HONORABLE MENTION yesterday at the Math Fair! I'm so glad for him.

My son's OM team performed brilliantly yesterday. I am so proud of them, but even more, I am proud of his coaches. They are new coaches, and they have done a great job. People have no idea how much work this kind of thing is, and I am so impressed when someone takes it on. Of course, I am a HUGE fan of anyone who has a way with children, especially in a coaching/teaching capacity. THANK A TEACHER OR A COACH TODAY.

My DH has a patient who lives on the Outer Banks and was in the office yesterday. He saw a HUGE shark jump up out of the water (very near a surfer, no less). So he called the coastguard (it is NOT normal to see something like that in our area) to alert them. They said that the Outer Banks has seen a ton of seals in past weeks due to the colder than normal water temps, and the huge number of seals is luring in these big feeding fish like the shark. How cool is that? Unless, of course, your kid is one of these after school surfers. So Bankers, consider this your official public service announcement.

One last thing, I read in the paper last week-end (I'll try to attach the link in the margin) about the vast increase in European book sales in the used book stores. It was such a noticeable thing, people coming in during a slow economy and buying boxes of used books. What was going on? Well, apparently used books are cheaper than FUEL to burn for warmth. How sad is that? Thousands of books being burned to keep warm. What a social commentary. I mean, is knowledge valued when you're freezing to death? Hell, no. So if we're a society privy to all this information, and it's clearly affordable to read and learn, why can't we A. keep our people warm and B. develop an alternative, more affordable fuel source? I might be the crazy old lady they'd find weeks later, frozen to death in front of the empty fireplace, clutching my favorite books.

Have a terrific day. If you're in my neck of the woods, enjoy the school delay. Bonus snuggle time with the kiddos.

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