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Monday, August 16, 2010

Home again, Home again

Okay, well, jiggity jig. My house is a WRECK. I'm exhausted and a little crazy with all the back to school stuff going on, BUT I am glad to be home. I got up early this morning, downed a few cups of coffee and did some WRITING. It's been so crazy for the past week that I've barely written at all, so it felt awesome to settle in this morning--even if it was only for a short time.

We had a wonderful week-end at the beach. We began a nice dinner with friends at our cottage Saturday night with cocktails and appetizers birthed in my garden when my husband decided we should take a boat ride. We left all the kids (obviously the older girls are plenty old enough to be in charge) and headed to Manteo where we ended up in a bar listening to a band called the Zen Monkeys. They were quite good, and we had a good time. Then yesterday we took the boat out to an area the boys call Pelican Island because it's near the point (where the channel takes you out to the gulf stream). The water is so blue and clear, it's like Bermuda. However, on the island the Pelicans are all lined up side by side guarding the island, but we stay in the water anyway. WE have no desire to walk around in Pelican poop, which I imagine is what the island is made of--ha ha. Seriously, there are hundreds of Pelicans just standing there, side by side, guarding their homeland. At first it's unnerving. They watch our every move, their heads turning side to side like tennis spectators. But then they get used to us, we get used to them, and we coexist peacefully. The water is so pristine and the sand so white. You can see to the bottom so clearly that my husband was swimming along in about six feet of water and saw a piece of gum on the bottom that had fallen out of one of the children's mouths and gave them one of the many anti-littering speeches of the summer. (I'm not complaining, I give them, too) That's some clear water. That's what I love about the Outer Banks--the wildlife just right along side us all the time. And the pelicans have the coolest necks. And when they get a fish, even a huge fish, they just throw that head back and the fish goes down whole. Very cool. If I ever write a fish story, the pelicans will definitely be the hungry teen-age boys.

Today is the day my daughters begin fall sports at their new schools. They don't know ANYONE playing their prospective sports OR the coaches, so this is a big day for them. Say a little prayer for my sweet, brave girls and children everywhere who brave new schools and new sports and countless other hard things that come with fall and school supplies. God bless them every one. Children are SO brave. It's mind-blowing. I was at my son's elementary school one day when some parents were there signing their child up for school. He was a kindergartner and it was well into the school year. They obviously just moved here or something. But they spoke no English at all and neither did that little boy. Not a word. And they just sent that child off with a class, kid had a big smile on his face. I just sat there and bawled. I mean, kids are awesome, aren't they? What adult would do that? Not too many, I tell you.

I just love back to school season. I am *awaiting* news about a fun new writing adventure I hope to pursue. I can't wait to tell you about it.

I love you all, dear readers, and thank you for all your sweet notes about the end of my bleave. I'm going to try to get you some good stuff soon. Bring back Haiku the New York Times maybe ??? Have a terrific day and as always, thanks for reading. OH, and stay tuned for TONS of book recommendations coming this week.

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