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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Like Lazarus...

Ah, dear readers. How I have missed you! I have blogged in my head countless times over these past two months, so I am glad to be back with you.

What an eventful summer it has been, and it is nearly over. We have been at the cottage, as always, enjoying another amazing Outer Banks summer. The weather has been lovely this year, nearly perfect, and we have had many, many beach and boat days. The girls went to camp for a long session this year (Haley's 3rd time, Hannah's first) and Ben went to the two week session for the first time. They all had a ball, and Jon can't wait to go next year. I can't say enough about Camp Sea Gull and Camp Seafarer. They really are first rate and provide amazing summer experiences for the children.

So...summer is coming to a close. After $434 and an hour of clamoring children in Wal-Mart, we are nearly finished with school supplies. These school supply lists are unbelieveable. I mean, with four kids, it's a lot of money! Plus, I can't help but wonder when the school supply lists began including things like dry erase markers, hand sanitizer, and other things that it seems the school used to have.

It is a Wednesday, so I'm going to begin my blog return with a Grateful Wed. I have a great deal to be grateful for. In spite of many difficulties in lives around us, I strive to rejoice in all things. So here goes:
1. I am grateful to have had a healthy, safe summer with the children.
2. I am grateful for healthy parents and mother-in-law.
3. I am thankful that the children are all going into excellent educational situations this fall. I am thrilled with their teachers and very excited about the girls new high school opportunities.
4. I am grateful for our sweet cottage and the peaceful family time it affords us.
5. I am thankful that our children are such great friends and sibs to each other.
6. I am thankful for no hurricanes (so far) this year, and a slight uptick in the economy. I pray that things will pick up in our small town that has been beset with lay-offs.
7. I am grateful to have a wonderful agent and a productive writing year so far.

THANK YOU all for your encouragement and kind words during my Bleave. Hopefully, I'll 'warm up' over the next couple of days and get back into the spirit of my blogosphere. I have many, many wonderful books to share!

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Anonymous said...

whew. you're back. now my life can return to normal.

Isabel by Donna Jones Koppelman

Isabel by Donna Jones Koppelman

Major Bear at the Grove Park Inn by Donna Jones Koppelman

Major Bear at the Grove Park Inn by Donna Jones Koppelman