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Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Morning News Fix via Haiku

The Sunday Times is a thick, luscious handful of news, but it takes time to read. It takes me all week! But I make sure and hit the highlights on Sunday, and I will share those with you via Haiku.

Of September Eleventh
Day to remember.

Group in Russia fights for cause.
Software raids stop foes.

Times tough in Kabul
More dangerous than ever
Despite increased troops.

G.O.P leaders
Strategize with lobbyist
Hope to temper bill.

Hey Fashionistas!
Go online, watch the catwalk,
Then click Add to Cart!

Bove, Bank Analyst,
Not so popular these days
Even though he won his case.

Housing market woes
Need creative new ideas
Can anyone help?

Developer fee
He makes more money each time
The house sells. Um, what?

Rebel McCain's book
Tale of elections

Rock star Lagerfield?
Designer is hot, hot, hot
At seventy. Cool.

Tangier looks lovely
But I don't like to be lost.
No guidebooks? No maps?

The Kings of Leon
Tennessee rock band worried
About overplay.

More on that subject
J. Bieber, Best New Artist
Won title last night. (not in NYT--just added it for all you parents who want to stay in the loop)

Are movies that bad?
Or is TV just better?
Only HBO. (IMHO)

Have a GREAT week! See you tomorrow!

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