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Friday, October 22, 2010

Wordless Picture Books

I think I've mentioned before Allyn Johnston's words that a picture book done well is high art. In my mind, Suzy Lee is a great example of picture book high art. I have loved WAVE for a couple of years. It holds a place of honor on the nightstand of the beach cottage. I want everyone to see the magic of the beach through the eyes of the little girl in that book. It is just beautiful. It's a page turner. It's a great story. AND it's wordless. Not many artists can do this, but Suzy Lee's work in WAVE is brilliant.

So imagine how thrilled I was to see SHADOW, her newest picture book. It is another masterpiece. The thing about these two books is they make great books for adults and children alike. Kindergarten teachers can use them in the classroom and middle school teachers can use them in the classroom as a writing prompt or art inspiration or to teach story structure. College professors can incorporate these books into the psychology or child development curriculum. When I used to work with teachers, I often used picture books to illustrate (no pun intended) a child's thought process or to take us back into thinking like a child. But of course, these books are best devoured by a child in the lap of a parent. What a great Christmas gift for the entire family.

I just registered for the SCBWI conference in NYC even though my usual conference partner didn't want to go,I just couldn't resist the likes of Lois Lowry, Linda Sue Park, Jules Pfeiffer, R.L. Stein, Sara Zarr, Mo Willems, and Jane Yolen. They are rock stars to me, and I have so much I can learn from them.

Have a great day, and a wonderful week-end. What are you reading now?

Oh, BTW, I'm waiting for MOCKINGBIRD by Kathryn Erskine. This book is the National Book Award nominee that is NOT on kindle, and I've been to two Barnes and Nobles that didn't carry it. Too bad for Ms. Erskine because when you've been nominated for the National Book Award, people want to read your book, but if they can't get it, you really miss out on some sales. So I'll keep trying!

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