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Monday, September 12, 2011

Awesome Array of Picture Books

I had a book study day last week, which is one of my FAVORITE and MOST PRODUCTIVE things to do. I spent a few hours in a bookstore perusing the back wall of picture books. You may or may not know that the 'back wall' can give you a pretty good idea of the hottest selling picture books. As Allyn Johnston, a S%S book editor, says, "A good picture book is a work of art." The first 'work of art' I'd like to mention is GRANDPA GREEN by Lane Smith. This precious and beautifully illustrated story conveys a lot of heart in few words and magnificent pictures. The narrator is a little boy telling us all about his elderly Grandpa's life, with the help of his Grandfather's gardening skills. Anna Dewdney is back with the fabulous LLAMA LLAMA HOME WITH MAMA. Dewdney hits yet another home run when Llama Llama stays home for a sick day. The heart and humor will delight every reader. I also adored the surfing story about PIG KAHUNA by Jennifer Sattler. This story is endearing and humorous; you will fall in love with the Pig Kahuna.

I was THRILLED to see that Amelia Bedelia is BACK. Pre-quels continue to be hip, and Herman Parish proves it with Amelia Bedelia as a child in AMELIA BEDELIA'S FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL and AMELIA BEDELIA'S FIRST FIELD TRIP. Giggles aplenty.

The best title award (although PIG KAHUNA was a close contender) goes to SUBSTITUTE CREACHER by Chris Gall. A charming story that feels like an early graphic novel (Remember Otto?). The fun creepy nature and detailed illustrations were a big hit with my boys.

So...that's a good start for you and your children or neighbors or anyone who will listen to you sing the praises of picture books. (BTW, GRANDPA GREEN would be a great gift for someone of any age.)

I'll let you get started on those, then I'll tell you about the rest in a day or so. Enjoy!

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Isabel by Donna Jones Koppelman

Isabel by Donna Jones Koppelman

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