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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Grateful Wednesday

This is Grateful Wednesday 3.
Hope you all will join with me
As we look at how we're blessed.
Maybe we won't be so stressed.

What a great day to have Grateful Wednesday. I have to confess that I liked the name 'Grateful Wednesday' because I envisioned is one day being shortened to 'Grateful Wed'. A little more hip, eh? Although I'm not really a huge Dead fan these days, nor was I ever, but still...So can we call it Grateful Wed now? Let me know what you think. You can JUST SAY NO to the Grateful Wed, you know. ha ha ha

Okay, I'm grateful for a ton of things this morning. Here goes:
1. I'm grateful that my youngest child successfully 'graduated' from preschool and seems to be ready for kindergarten. He's not reading, as my other children were at this point, but he's reading-ready, for sure.
2. I'm grateful to have kept my youngest son alive to five. Please don't think I'm saying this in a flip way because I'm not. These early years, to me, are so scary. With all the developmental stages in preschool, these years are dangerous. I'm grateful we've made it this far.
3. I'm grateful to now be an experienced 'school mom'. I know there is no reason to worry about kindergarten. I actually look forward to the beautiful transformation that happens there. With my oldest child, all I could think about was losing my little girl at home, but now I know how much the school experience brings to the family and the child.
4. I'm grateful that our favorite college student babysitter is coming home for a couple of days and while she's home, she's going to do an overnight with our kids, so my husband and I can have a little getaway. Plus, my kids are very excited to see her, so they'll barely notice we're gone.
5. I'm grateful that tomorrow I'll have a little time to clean the house, which is a total mess right now. (wait, am I grateful for that?) Actually, I'm grateful that by this time tomorrow, my house will be a lot cleaner.
6. I'm grateful to be going to birthday dinner with friends tonight. I'm really looking forward to it.
7. I'm grateful that I'm NOT the mom who hit the telephone pole in front of the school yesterday, causing the school to lose power for an hour.
8. I'm grateful that I didn't wail and cry in front of everyone at preschool today even though I thought I might.
9. I'm grateful that I finally finished my Chautauqua stuff today.
10. I'm grateful for a clean car, my birthday present.

Today was my youngest child's last day of preschool. (Does anyone out there understand the ENORMITY of that statement? ) I can't discuss it any further as this time, but I thought you should know. Yes, please send Kleenex.

Please share your 'Gratefuls' or at least pause to think of a few.
p.s. Despite 58 hits on my blog Monday, NO ONE has commented on the fact that I made the People Magazine's Most Beautiful People list. This is a BIG DEAL. Don't you guys care that it's the biggest honor of my life so far? Well????


Dorothy said...

I guess I thought the People mag was a joke,but I didn't get it. Do you mean you were listed in an article titled the 100 Most Beautiful Women? Why haven't you mentioned the possibility of it before now? How did they get to you, why, howcome, and do I have to go out and buy it to find out? Please tell us more about it.

If it's not a joke, I'm flabergasted. How wonderful. Now, do you believe you have a beauty that most women don't? Please devote the next blog to this subject.

Liz said...

Hey- I think I was just taken aback with the whole "100 Most Beautiful People " thing. I am not sure how to respond when amidst such greatness.

I love Grateful Wed- was a Dead fan for a bit, but certainly not as big as most . . .

I am grateful for:
1) American Idol
2) Fun kids
3) Being old enough and wise enough and secure enough not to feel shunned by certain things :)
4) Dinners out with friends
5) Fantastic neighbors
6) Mothers who move out of state just to live near their daughter
7) getaways with husbands of 11 years
8) Skipping weight watchers meetings

Liz said...

Oh! And I forgot

9) Peanut Butter

Diane said...

Like Dorothy, I didn't respond to the List because I don't read People and had no idea (and still don't) what you mean. I also figured it was a joke, that maybe someone famous who shares your name... and now I feel bad for simply discounting the fact that maybe it really is YOU you. I guess I never even considered the possibility that people from People even ventured outside of Hollywood (but then again, I don't read People, so what do I know?)Yes, please enlighten us! Did your family get you nominated - is that what you meant by gift? How nice of them and wonderful for you if this is the case!

One more comment before I get to my list. When you said Grateful Wed, I wasn't thinking of the Dead, I thought you meant wed, as in blissfully ever after wedded matrimony. HA - wrong again!

Okay. Here's my list:

1. I'm grateful that my son's teacher decided not to count that last math test.
2. I'm grateful for strawberry shortcake and rootbeer. But not at the same time.
3. I'm grateful that my daughter is still more annoyed than flattered by the attention she's getting from certain boys in her class.
4. I'm grateful she wants a punching bag to develop her upper arm strength and I'm grateful that I'm wise enough to see the long-term benefits of getting her one.
5. I'm grateful for Pepsi points.
6. I'm grateful that the pothole I hit last night doesn't seem to have had a lasting effect on my car.
7. I'm grateful for doctors who trust parents' instincts enough to prescribe prescriptions over the phone at 9:00 at night.
8. I'm grateful for the 24-hour Walgreens.
9. I'm grateful that not everyone leaves such long comments on other people's blogs!

Isabel by Donna Jones Koppelman

Isabel by Donna Jones Koppelman

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Major Bear at the Grove Park Inn by Donna Jones Koppelman