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Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday, Monday

So I'm feeling pretty bad that my husband is at home down with his back, and I'm here at the cottage with four kids (yes, one is at camp, but my daughter has a friend). The kids are doing a watersports day camp this week, so we're staying, but I still feel bad for him. Although now that I think about it, he's probably thrilled that we're all here and he's there. Hmmmm...

Now about this Global Freezing. It is SO cool here today! Low 70s and beautiful, but too cold to swim or beach it, especially with the breeze off the ocean. Unusual for June, that's for sure. I hope my OS isn't too cold at camp although I'm sure it's warmer inland; it always is.

I went to the grocery store yesterday, so I thought I'd share.

Redneck Mom's Summer Grocery List

1. TONS of push-up style popsicles (my husband did the math one time--it's like 8 popsicles equals the sugar in one juice box)
2. TONS of corn dogs (the perfect summer food for kids--put one in their hands then send them outside--no plate, nothing)
3. TONS of sugar free jello--they really feel like they're cooking something
4. TONS of healthy cereal and disposable bowls, so they'll get up and eat without disturbing me from my writing
5. TONS of sunscreen--even redneck moms don't want burnt up kids
6. TONS of deli-made pizzas and extra mozzarella--cheap and easy dinner or lunch after lounging on the beach until way too late
7. lots of cucumbers and carrots for dipping in ranch dressing--kids still need veggies, you know
8. diet Tonic water
9. limes
10. a couple pounds of shrimp for peelin' and eatin' later
11. whatever beer's on sale
12. People magazine--there, I've said it out loud.

What's NOT on the list
1. Shampoo or soap (they're swimming every day for goodness sakes--our ocean water's cleaner than the bath water in most countries)
2. Dog food--because I ALWAYS forget and have to make a separate trip

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