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Thursday, August 13, 2009

This and That

Tomorrow I will finally have my sweet family together again after all their summer travels and camp, etc. I can hardly wait. I posted a few pictures of the oldest three from the camp's site, so you can see my kiddos. I didn't want to leave out the youngest, so I posted one of him, too. Maybe next week, I can post one of us all TOGETHER! Speaking of together, I ordered a bunch of pics from Snapfish two weeks ago, and they still haven't come. Well, the poster did (even though it was screwed up--long story).

I have, like everyone else, a lot to do before school begins in a week, so the LAST THING I should have done was get Pat Conroy's new book. (it's luscious, truly) I'm trying NOT to read it, except strictly on a reward basis. For example, get up before 7:00, can read one chapter. Walk the dogs, can read two pages. And so on. That was yesterday, but it didn't work too well because...well, it just didn't, okay?? So today I'm not allowed to read it AT ALL! boo hoo. Ridiculous rules I place upon myself.

I let the boys grow their hair out this summer. I know that sounds SO redneck, but they wanted 'surfer hair'. I have to admit, it looks kind of cute. But it ends this morning. Their getting hair cuts. It will be difficult for them, I'm sure, but they knew it was coming. I hope Nina does okay with it. I'm praying for her scissors this morning.

Well, I've got to run feed my son so he can get a haircut on a full tummy--a basic, right? We're headed back to Edenton today, then for the great camp pick-up tomorrow. I know our kids will hate to leave, both of them. You'd think we abused them or something, but they just love traveling and going to camp, visiting their out-of-town friends...some kids cry when their parents drop them at camp. Not our kids. They cry when we pick them up. IT's sweet, though, that they make such good friends.

Have a great week, and thanks for reading. Boy did I get a few e-mails about the sex post yesterday. Hello!! COMMENT, people! That's what it's there for! xoxox

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Isabel by Donna Jones Koppelman

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