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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehner and illustrated by Mark Buehner

Every time I find a cool new picture book, I think, how did I miss this one? But the truth it, awesome children's books are aplenty these days, and this is one of them. My son brought home SNOWMEN AT NIGHT last night. We read it and admired the lovely illustrations. It was a nice story, great premise and beautifully illustrated. But at the end of the book, there is a little note that says something to the effect: Notice the hidden pictures on each page. What? A santa face, a tyrannasaurus rex, a bunny, a cat...there is no end to the amazing hidden pictures in this book. My son spent HOURS poring over this book by himself, with his brother, showing his sister, and so on. Now I've noticed they have a new book out, SNOWMEN AT CHRISTMAS. I did a little research, and sure enough, Mark Buehner has done his hidden picture magic again. SNOWMEN AT NIGHT is a beautiful book with a cute story but the hidden pictures make it awesome. What a great gift book for a 5-9 year old. I highly recommend it for your Christmas list.

I am well into Nano now and having a ball, but it's a rigorous schedule. I try not to write on the week-ends, so that amounts to 2500 words a day, roughly 10 typed pages. It's amazing to see the story unfold and the magical process.

My husband ran some errands last week-end and brought me home a 'surprise.' With all the kids waiting in excitement, he presented the surprise to me. A Snuggie. You know, the blanket with arms. I HATE them (I think he knew this), and I always laugh at the ridiculous commercials, but I put a brave face on and thanked him. The kids were SO excited. The first night my 12 year old slept in it, the second night my 6 year old slept in it. Yesterday when the kids got home from school, I met them at the door commenting on how cold and wet it was. Five minutes later one of my kids had brought me my Snuggie to put on. How thoughtful. Today when my son's friend came over, I heard him say, "My mom has a Snuggie."
The other kid said, "No way, can I see it?"
So Jon asked me, "Can we go up and look at your Snuggie?" like it's the Tiffany diamond or something.
I said, "Yes, but be very careful."
A few minutes later I went upstairs for something and saw the boys in there trying it on. Not joking, either. They were seriously snuggling into my snuggie.
It reminds me of a few years ago when all the girls wanted for Christmas was Turbie Twists, remember those towel things to put on your wet hair? That's ALL they wanted for Christmas. Now it's the Snuggie. Which sure beats an expensive ipod. I think the Snuggie is $14.99 or something. Parents, look no more for your Christmas list. A Snuggie and Snowmen at Christmas is the perfect combo. You can thank me later.

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WordWrangler said...

all my kids want one. My middle girl, our hippy-esque child, wants the animal print one.

oh joy.



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